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I have seen many others worried about Brainden's dropping numbers of players and riddlers. In order to satisfy curiosity, would anyone who is on brainden at least bimonthly please list so here? Hopefully this will give a general picture of how many people semifrequently are on brainden.

Kikacat123 registering

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I feel like BD has lost a large degree of it's variety in the last few years. When I first became active here, what I term the "Golden Years", there were a lot of different types of puzzles, and puzzle solvers who were willing to try them all. Now, on this latest tour, it seems to be mostly the hard-core math puzzles that get responded to at all. I'm not sure if that's just representative of the taste of the current population of BDers or if for some reason people have just become afraid of replying and risking embarrassment, or a combination of the two. In the Golden Years, when I posted a new puzzle there was usually a reply within a few hours, and even though the first replies were usually off the mark (since I have an affinity for creative thinking/figure out what to do type puzzles), it helped get the conversation in the thread started and gave me an excuse to drop hints.

Puzzle creators and puzzle solvers are a symbiotic relationship, although I'm not sure which started dropping off first, there isn't much hope for reviving the BD organism without somehow increasing the populations of both simultaneously :/.

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