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here is an update on day 1, feel free to make any trades necesarry. Day 1 ends at midnight. The prices projected are only tentative based on current sales and market conditions. ^_^

attachicon.gifstock update1.png

If we are buying at projected prices,

Sell 20x FUL, 20x HUNR

Buy 40x HOTY

If we are buying at sale prices,

sell everything and buy 14x HORID

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I can only assume that flamebird wanted to have a total of 40 of the stock hoty. as purchasing 400 or 40 was not feasible with their current cash levels.

This is day 5. Looks like the randomization and the sell off's by the group really impacted the stock values. Thanks for causing a mini-recession guys!!! :dry:


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Just to confirm, if we buy lots of something does it's value go up? And vice versa?

Buy 400 PUNTY (That is 400, btw :P)

Like any stock market purchase, there is no gurantee of increase but typically decreasing supply with a steady demand does increase its value. But consider what it means to have a steady demand.

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so here's how it works. let's say you own 40 stock. you want to sell. if more people want that stock than you have available the price goes up. good for you. if very few or no one wants it, the price goes down. bad for you. my personal recomondation is to diversify.

you win some stocks and lose others. in agragate you'll come out even, in the short term however you can expect to gain 2-5% of your investment. the key is to try to predict what you think everyone else wants. if you think everyone is going to want stock A in two turns, you want stock A in one, and then sell it on turn three, unless you expect more people to invest turn three.

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