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Try to answer this one as quickly as possible:

Your friend tells you: "Each year my birthday comes in the same day of the week as my younger brother's because they're exactly 14 days apart, I was born on a Monday so that means he was born on a Monday too"

Is she correct?


Suppose your birthday is December 20, and your brother's follows by 20 days on January 3.

In 2012, you celebrate Thursday, while your brother already celebrated, on Tuesday.

In twenty days your bro will celebrate on Thursday, of course. But it will be 2013.

Good puzzle. I didn't reply very quickly. :(

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she is not correct if their birthdays are between 14th Feb and 13th march. In leap years their birthdays will not be on the same day in this case. Otherwise if their birthdays are apart by 14 days apart, they would always be on the same day of the week

She was BORN on a Monday. She isn't saying that her birthday is on a Monday. If I was born on Oct 11 2011 I'd be born on a Tuesday. If my younger sibling was born on the same date (equivalent to 14 days later) but a year later (Oct 11, 2012) they'd be born on a Thursday. 365 doesn't equally divide by 7 so the days of the week and the specific dates don't always match up.

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