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Hidden, you guys didn't have a spy, so it would be risky to claim a role.

Unless you were told my role?

i was gonna do it last day check my last 2 posts .

Smoth was 100% the block ,check the night post ti see why and actually it's easy b/c i have been blocked twice (check the post) ;)

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:thanks: to all! It really was a pleasure hosting this. :) The entire time I was biting my nails because I knew what should happen and what was really hapening and I wanted to just go and tell everyone they were doing the wrong thing. :lol: But really, well played, all! And thak you so much, Nana, for fixing all my errors.
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due to a mistake we made we could have Nk'd mboon earlier (the actionless night), recapping on what I've learned as a first time baddie:

1- never claim to be a goodie, or act too much like one, be neutral (as a goodie I never claimed to be one, so that was out of character)

2- don't point too many fingers.(I usually base my actions purely on deductions, rather than what other peoples actions may mean)

3- while in the forum put yourself in place of any other goodie and start deducing from there. If something doesn't make sense, or will out you, don't post it.

I vote Flame mvp XD

Well, Mew, it was actually pure luck I got you. Not to mention, any other vote would've tied/killed me.

By the way, Fat Tony, The first night I redirected you.

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Here is an example

TheChad wants to spy Mew

FB redirects TheChad to Smv

Result: TheChad spies SMV, but does not know it. TheChad is told SMV's role, told he was redirected too, but is not told the role is SMV.

Redirect has 2 targets, the person being redirected and the person redirected to.

RoleCopy normally is pm the role you want to copy, but in this game it was pm the player whose role you want to copy.

For most actions you pm player. For RID actions, you pm both the player and the role and they have to match for action to work.

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Night 1

*NK FatTony - FatTony Dies

*Mew: Ogre: Trap SMV - SMV Trapped

*HiddenG: Troll: Redirect Flamebirde to TheTheChad, FB redirected

*FatFatTony: Dragon: rid Mar as: Princess, fails

*Raven: Princess: block, no action

*FlameBirde: Witch: redir FatTony to SMV (redirected, now redir TheChad to SMV)

*SMV: Prince: save (no action and blocked)

*Mar: Fairy: copy (no action)

*Hotter: Unicorn: kill TheChad, TheChad dies

*TheChad sparrow spy Mew (redirected, result is Prince)

Night Post:

*FT and TheChad killed

*SMV trapped by ogre


Night 2

*NK Slick (voided by Miki)

*Mew: Ogre: Trap (no action)

*HiddenG: Troll: Redirect Flame to SMV (FB redirected)

*Raven: Princess: block (no action)

*FlameBirde: Witch: redir SMV to SMV (SMV redirected)

*SMV: Prince: save HiddenG (redirected to save self)

*Mar: Fairy: copy (no action)

*Hotter: Unicorn: kill (no action)

Night Post:

*SMV protected


Night 3

*MK Mboon (Mboon killed)

*HiddenG: Troll: Redirect Smoth-SMV (blocked)

*Smoth: Princess: block HiddenG

*FlameBirde: Witch: redir Mar to self (failed)

*SMV: Prince: save Smoth

*Mar: Fairy: copy SMV-save (role copied)

*Mboon: Unicorn: kill HiddenG (Mboon killed before able to act)

Night Post

*HiddenG blocked

*Mboon killed and blocked


Night 4

*NK SMV (SMV killed)

*HiddenG: Troll: Redirect Smoth to FlameBirde (blocked)

*Smoth: Princess: block HiddenG

*FlameBirde: Witch: redir hidz to HiddenG

*SMV: Prince: save HiddenG

Night Post

*SMV killed

*HiddenG blocked

Flamebirde - Witch

TheChad - Sparrow - Killed N1 by Unicorn

SMV - Prince - Killed N3 by Baddies

Mew - Ogre - Lynched D2

Mboon - Unicorn - Killed N3 by Baddies

Smoth - Princess

Fat Tony - Dragon - Killed N1 by Baddies

Hidden G - Troll - Lynched D4

Marhart14/Thalia - Fairy - Lynched D3

Edited by Nana7
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