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Sholay Mafia


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This mafia is based on legendary Hindi movie Sholay. That movie seems to have borrowed from a lot of western and Korean flicks. Still, the end result was so awesome that you can count on almost every living Indian between the age of 8 and 80 to have seen it. biggrin.gif


Detailed Role Descriptions]

Dacoits - NightKill(Attributed to Gabbar) + All BTSC & Power play (WinCon: majority)

Gabbar - Leader of the dacoits. Legend is that when children cry at night anywhere within 100 miles of Ramgarh, their mums say: "quiet! lest you will attract Gabbar to our home". He leads a group in looting and plundering the villages in the region of Ramgarh. He has a sadistic personality and insists on killing whenever required to continue his status and to take revenge on his enemies. (Appears as a random vanilla goodie when spied)

Kaalia - He is the key person that helped Gabbar establish his terror over Ramgarh and surrounding areas. Not good with a pistol, still he can always knock a villager down. (Block)

Sambha - He is the eyes and ears of Gabbar to the outer world. He sits atop a mountain, chewing tobacco all the time, and watches all the passerby. He is famous for speaking only two words ever - "Fifty Thousands" [the reward declared by govt. for capturing Gabbar] (Spy)

Villagers (WinCon: Eliminate dacoits)

Thakur - An ex-cop he lost his arms at the hands of Gabbar. However, he has a booming voice, and commands respect of all villagers. (Self Vote Manip - x0-x2)

Jai & Veeru - Ex-cons hired by Thakur coz of their tender heart and willingness to support good in their own way. The more jovial and naughty of the two friends, Veeru is known for his muscles (RID block). While Jai is the calmer and more thoughtful of the two, he is yet to make a name for himself despite his ability of knowing all that goes around (Spy). Inseparable friends, they have BTSC with each other.

Jailor - Always being fooled by Jai & Veeru, he is in-charge of the only jail in the area. He decides who spends a night in the cell, except himself. (Trap = Block + Save)

Radha - A quiet girl who is the Thakur's widowed daughter-in-law, she has basic knowledge of medical science. Jai loves her, but she never betrays her emotions to him. (Save)

Basanti - Love interest of Veeru, a talkative girl who is the coachwoman for the only horse-carriage in Ramgarh. She is often damsel in distress when captured by dacoits, and hence more of a distraction than a help. (Vanilla)

Soorma Bhopali - Known for his gassed up talks, he had betrayed Jai & Veeru once, and was betrayed by them in turn. You cannot count on him for any help except for speaking up. (Vanilla)

Ramlaal - He assists Thakur in all his daily chores, details of which no one wants to discuss. He has seen all the events along with Thankur, including the rise of Gabbar. However, he is quite powerless. (Vanilla)

Brief Role Descriptions

Dacoits - Night Kill, BTSC (Wincon: majority)

Gabbar: Appears as a random vanilla goodie when spied

Kaalia: Block

Sambha: Save

Villagers - (Wincon: eliminate Dacoits)

Thakur: Self Vote Manip - x0-x2

Jai: Spy, BTSC with Veeru

Veeru: RID block, BTSC with Jai

Jailor: Trap = Block + Save (cannot trap self)

Radha: Save (cannot save self)

Basanti: Vanilla

Soorma Bhopali: Vanilla

Ramlaal: Vanilla


1. OOA: RID Block > Trap > Block > Save > Kill > Spy

2. Vote tie: Gabbar style lynch (all die, except on day 1 when tie means no lynch).

3. NK transfer: Gabbar to Sambha (SpyKill) to Kaalia (Kill + Block)


Hosts: KlueMaster and Auramyna


Z. flamebirde

1. MiKi

2. TheCube

3. Bong

4. Akriti

5. Zweefer

6. Medji

7. Nana7

8. darth nox

9. Hirkala

X. yoDell


A. Thalia

B. Anon26


Roles will be going out soon. N1 will end Tuesday 8:30 AM IST = Monday 11:00 PM EDT

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Evening had begun to fade away...

Gabbar was infuriated. These villagers, these stupid villagers, had refused to listen to him. They were awed by Thakur and the machoistic display by his two recruits - the ex-conmen Jai & Veeru. Can you believe it? Two conmen to perish the threat of Gabbar; the mighty Gabbar who is nothing but the devil himself in the eyes of every mother that loves her child! After all, there is a reason why the government had declared a hefty price on his capture - dead or alive.

Gabbar - "Kitna inaam rakhe hai re sarkaar hum par?" [What is the prize on my head?]

Sambha - "Pachaas Hazaar" [50,000]

Gabbar - "Pachaas hazaar! Poore pachaas hazaar!!! Aur ye gaaon waale un 2 laundo ke bharose Gabbar se panga lene chale hain? Dhikkar hai!.................Iski saza milegi, baraabar milegi..." [such a huge prize, and still these villagers think that these 2 bastards can defeat Gabbar? Shame on them! They shall be punished, just as they deserve...]

And, thus began a blood sport...


1. Roles have been sent out. Players who do not acknowledge their PM will be replaced during D1.

2. N1 cut-off Tuesday 8:30 AM IST = Monday 11:00 PM EDT [Post will be made 30 mins after the cut-off].

3. If we see any role outing from goodies, we may chose to do a mod-kill or grant an additional RID Kill to baddies. If you are not sure of your hint, please confirm with us before you post it here.

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Roles being sent out now. Could everyone please confirm in your role thread.

This game requires everyone to be active a minimum of once or twice a cycle. So please, don't let your team mates down.

Looks like a good group of players so good luck and I'll just go get me some popcorn.gif

Edit: :lol: Klue beat me to it :P

Edited by Auramyna
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I want to highlight Note 2. and 3. from Klue's post:

2. N1 cut-off Tuesday 8:30 AM IST = Monday 11:00 PM EDT [Post will be made 30 mins after the cut-off].

3. If we see any role outing from goodies, we may chose to do a mod-kill or grant an additional RID Kill to baddies. If you are not sure of your hint, please confirm with us before you post it here.

Seeing as note 1. was "please confirm in your ROLE THREAD" :P, I thought I should highlight note 3. as if you out your role or use a strong hint, there will be consequences. PM us in your role thread if you are unsure about your hint :)

We are considering a ODTG RID kill (once during the game Role Identification Kill), carried out by the baddies so please be careful. Don't let things get ridiculous :)

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@Akriti - I'm willing to talk here, but there is a long time for the game to get started, plus it's night... don't want to make myself a target right out of the gate :)

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OOC : cool avatar flamebirde .. i'm considering calling you Phoenix from now on :)

I think that's exactly what flamebirde means :D

@Aura and Klue - I'll be the third backup :)

Noted, thanks :)

nox is here, but i dont really like talking during night 1

but you do like to talk in the third person, eh? :D [just having my fun before the things get serious post N1 post]

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Some additional information:

1. Trap is only for the night, no impact during the day.

2. All successful actions appear in the night post. RID Block will appear in the night post even if incorrect.

3. All actions (including Spy) will follow the same format in night post: <Acting_role> action <Player_acted_upon>

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