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Trainer's Manual Mafia IV


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Trainer's Manual Mafia IV

Role Descriptions:

Baddies (Mafia): Shady characters, trying to make an extra buck by circumventing the rules and of course. Have BTSC and a NightKill.

WinCon: Removing those who oppose their business.

- The Loan Shark: He has made enough money offering unsecured loans to the nice people in the neighborhood. Wants to expand his business while maintaing a front cover. Ability: When spied, he appears as a random living Goodie.

- John "Muscles": Former linebacker, career terminated by a knee injury. Very good at getting loans back, not so good with strategy. Ability: Each night, can make someone dream of a better world (Block)

- The Dealer: Moving in on a seemingly open market, he struck a bargain with local "enforcement" to deliver his product. Will stop at nothing. Ability: Each day, can bribe his way into stopping a vote (Vote Manip - Can make one vote count x0).

Goodies (Innocents): Peaceful taxpayers trying to keep a clean neighborhood.

WinCon: To get rid of the Baddies by lynching them all during the day.

- The "Doctor": Former Med student, did not finish his studies due to money problems and a recurring addiction. Knows enough to help a player survive minor injuries. Ability: Can save a player each night. Can save self. (Save)

- The Tracker: Former soldier, advanced training as a tracker. Knows his way around and can help, but prefers to be left alone. Ability: Each night can spy on a player (Spy)

- The Baker: Scarred by Muscles in a barfight when he refused to pay, bankrupte. He has sworn to get revenge, but still can't tackle Muscles at night. Ability: His vote counts x2 only if placed on Muscles (Self vote manip).

- The Soldier: Just came back from a tour of duty, still amazed and happy that birds still want to sing for him. However, if the Tracker dies, he gets to play the hero. Ability: No action (Vanilla). Will know if the Tracker dies, but cannot out this to the rest of players (Eliminated from game if he outs it).

- The Shopowner: Still owns huge debts and his business barely covers the vig. Wants a clean way out of the mess he got himself into. Ability: No action (Vanilla)

- The Dock Worker: Worked in the docks for a while, got a job from his childhood friend (the Baker) for a while and now has to sweep the floor for the Shopowner. Ability: No action (Vanilla)

- The Bartender: Knows much, says very little, tries to keep out of fights. But he would like a safe neighborhood for his little boy. Ability: No action (Vanilla)

Other rules:

*Any given day, if the vote is tied, a random player from those tied is lynched.

*Order of actions: Save >> Night Kill >> Block >> Spy. Use of ">>" means all actions happen chronologically in that order.

Hosts: Araver & Aaryan

1. Hidden G

2. flamebirde

3. JaneDoe23

4. good22

5. TheCube

6. Petrus

7. KlueMaster

8. Anon26

9. Auramyna

10. RainThinker


1. yoDell


Night 1 starts when you get your role (about an hour from this post, when you see the Prologue posted here) and ends at 6PM EDT on Sunday June 19th!

EDT = UTC-4 - see here

Backups still welcome, please use the to join ;)

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City 17, forgotten district, known as "The Neighborhood"


"This is a nice neighborhood to do business", the Loan Shark said to himself. "What's that Boss?", asked Muscle. "Nothing for you to worry about, Muscle. I'll let you know.". "Sure thing, Boss." said Muscles, stepping back into the shadows near the door.

A knock. Pause. Then two more. Muscle's eyes peered though the small opening. A strange man all dressed in orange was standing in the alley, cigarette in his mouth. Door opened. "Your boss?", "Upstairs", mumbled Muscle as he checked the orange guy for a gun.

"Ah, I see you've found our ... office.", a wide grin on the Loan Shark's face.

"I'm not the only one. You have a car outside, two civies in. Yours?".

"Nah, that must be the Civil Guard. They are harmless. One had a scar right?". "Yup".

"That would be the former baker. Unfortunately, he went bankrupt a while ago. Muscle tried to reason with him, but ... he just did not want to listen to reason. Unfortunate business. Now, about your proposal ..."

"Fifty-fifty. Product ships first thing tomorrow. I deal with you alone.", the Dealer took a sit on the only chair and crossed his legs.

"Seventy-thirty. You see, we have a tough neighborhood here, tough to keep the others from interfering. You know how this works ... I can get you into places, make sure no one disturbs you".

"Sixty-forty. Final. Take it or leave it.", the Dealer stood up, preparing to leave.

"Hmm, you drive a hard bargain. Fine. Let Muscle know where he can find you. Oh, and ... welcome to the neighborhood!"


Meanwhile outside in their car, the Baker and the Docker were still puzzled by the brief appearance of the Dealer.

"Who is that orange guy? He asked the Bartender for directions then came straight here... he must be in with them. But he does not know the place...", pondered the Baker.

"Business maaan. Suit and ... all.", blurped the Docker.

"No business is done at night. On dark alleys.", nodded the Baker in disapproval.

"Who cares. If he's new, we'll see him around. Let's go get a drink, I'm out.".

"You ..... Meh. It was a hot day", the Baker shrugged and started the car.


After the two left, the orange suit went out, loooked around, then rushed to the end of the block to get a taxi. He missed the Soldier who was staying in the shadows, in the alley opposite to the one with the entrance to the Loan Shark's place. The Soldier grinned and stepped out of the shadows to follow the orange suit, missing the Tracker up on the rooftop watching all of them. He too was moving to pack his gear and go home.


Night 1 has started and ends in 48 hours at 6PM EDT on Sunday June 19th!

Rest of Days/Nights will be 24 hours, as usual.

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Why would you say that? Baddies might think your a goodie and go after you.

Baddies have BTSC. So they already know each other, and hence also know who are goodies.

Though what he said may be just an attempt to show that he is a goodie while he is not. BUT, just may be.

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true. but we haven't even gone through night one yet. so you have no proof, and no incriminating evidence. good luck trying to lynch me day one with no evidence.

Why would you take offence for something that has been used just as an example to explain few ground realities to a new player?

Proof? Incrimination?? Evidence??? Lynch????

Why are you so worried? What exactly do you have to hide?

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I dont see any topic for goodie or baddie BTSC. Where are they at?

A quick note: (Besides what Aaryan said) If you're thinking about the Goodie and Baddie BTSC that lies on top of the games section ... those were used in some games a while ago (and were hidden at that time). We've asked the Admin to make them public so we can document those past games for a wiki.

But for a very long period of time, in all Mafia games played here on BrainDen, hidden BTSC was and is done through PM conversations only (since this does not require any moderation rights)

Edited by araver
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Flamebird is also being very wierd

but than again, it is his first game.

Some people I have noticed (Like Q cumber in TMM2) go vigrously against those who go against them. Reciprocal voting and all. It might just be that case. But such goodies, to be honest, are a bane for other goodies, providing them with unwanted distraction and diverting them from real baddies. Flamebird, you oughta change your way.

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