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I work in a hospital. While that doesn't make me an expert on anything medical, it allows me to negate the notion that doctors are learned men (or women) who are never wrong. So if you see "M.D." in someone's name, don't just assume they're right. Look for PhD, instead. =P

That, and they tried to sell me stuff when I tried to leave the page, too. =P

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Do you know what they call the person that graduated last in their medical school class?


I don't know much about DMSO, but to my understanding it's harmless in low quantities. (and is found in low amounts in a great number of things)

But because it can dissolve so many chemical compounds, it can be dangerous by getting contaminated with almost anything - ie, you could easily use it to poison someone.

I don't care enough to look up the FDA trials, but I would guess that would be a reason to proceed with caution.

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