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Don't worry Segul...I'm just as lost as you...now I have to try to figure out whether or not lying is occurring here and who it is that is doing the lying...

But due to the fact that I'm seeing two (possibly) mutually exclusive statements here I'm going to go with the "lying" possibility...just can't tell on the "who" part yet

Aw heck...at this rate it could even be me who is lying and I don't even know what I'm talking about :blink:

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wow...Phaze, it might have been nice if you had just posted such info in a PM to DL...

Unless the import of the post is doing a Peanut "nyeeeew" right over my head...

As I know some of the people in each BTSC, the honest thing to do is to come clean and let everyone know.

@Maurice and you didn't say anything (naughty)

There is no way around it apart from but to reset which is why I said something

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