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:duh: I'm soooooo sorry such a thing happened; It's not easy when co-hosts have sudden tests coming up.....:(

Anyway....If there are still too many problems going on, we can always start again.....:blush: , but that would be upto Nick...:D

*For those who ask....yes, it's possible to start again.....only the roles are switched around....:D

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I think this may be a situation where noobies are better off than vets, because I'm fine. I recognize the gaffes but am able to follow rules, end of days, etc. For me, I'd say lets plow ahead. We seem to have righted the ship, right?

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Nick and me (well, mostly me) think it's better to start over; especially because we need to have a proper ground for the newbies. It's not right if everyone's confused.....or upset...

So it's come to a vote: If you want to start over, reply in your respective role PMs.

Thank you....:D

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I would think that a poll at the top would work better, but hey. It shouldn't be about us, the hosts, but about the players, as the game is for you. I think we've recovered, and starting over I'm afraid might just add more confusion and frustration. Over the last weekend I had to attend a bunch of softball games, which took up most of Saturday and a lot of Friday. On Sunday I made a bit of a booboo by rather suddenly changing the end of day, and this was bad for Slick. I've made it up for slick best I could by letting him replace jake, who was being inactive, and I'm just glad the conditions were right for that. I'm confident that these sorts of things shouldn't happen again, though I'm not sure what my schedule is for this weekend, hopefully not more softball games. :mad:

So its up to YOU guys *points*

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Izzy was sitting on her couch, bucket of popcorn beside her, finally rewatching the Star Wars prequels. Suddenly there loomed a large shadow over her. She slowly turned around. There stood the Bodyguard, with a frying pan. He'd forgotten to bring his own weapon, but had seen this in the kitchen and decided it would do nicely. The pan arced down, and Izzy collapsed, unconcious. The Bodyguard saw what was on and, deciding Izzy wouldn't wake up til morning, pushed her over to one side of the couch, stole her popcorn, and finished watching the movie for Izzy.

The Surveillance Specialist had a new toy. He'd bought an RC helicopter at Walmart and hooked up a small, lightweight thermal camera to it. The camera sent back a live video feed to the controller, which he of course had. Glyc never noticed it.

Slick had been found at the foot of the hostpital door, with multiple blows to the head and knife wounds. He'd hardly been breathing. But they took him up to a room, and he made a miraculous recovery. He was now walking out of the hospital, good as new. However, the blows to the face had been disfiguring, so they had to perform some facial reconstruction. It was a new Slick! Slick 2.0, he liked to call himself. All of a sudden, a gunshot rang out. HOLY CRAP! Slick thought, Someone just tried to shoot me! He took out his pocket knife, just in case he needed it, and ran. And then went flying through the air. He'd tripped over a pothole. He landed on his pocket knife and cut a long gash through his stomach, disemboweling himself. He was found once again, and checked out in the morning. Through the back door.

The Interrogator had found out nothing last night, but he decided to try again. He was driving around when he saw Marq. She'll do, he thought. He got out of his car.

"You're under arrest!"

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Hosts: NickFleming and EDM





6. Izzy

7. Molly

8. DD

9. Vineetrika

10. Glycereine

11. Marq

13. onetruth

2.Slick 2.0 - Dead. Killed by Baddies.

12. Slick - Dead. Lynched and revealed to be Inside Man's Old Partner.







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