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Sorry, but I wasn't on to consult with EDM about end of day... I personally believe it needs to be kept to 24 hours, and that's what I did. Actually 25 hours. I gave the earliest warning I could, but bear with me I've had to sit through over 14 hours of softball since Friday afternoon. Rest of the game should work out fine :)

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Hosts: NickFleming and EDM


2.Slick 2.0




6. Izzy

7. Molly

8. DD

9. Vineetrika

10. Glycereine

11. Marq

12. Slick - Dead. Lynched and revealed to be Inside Man's Old Partner.

13. onetruth







Slick has replaced jakeknowslittle, as he was upset and rightly so. Slick was the first one to die, and his original role was revealed, and he was blocked Night 1, so the only thing he knows that others do not was his original target, which does not matter. Welcome back :)

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It works out just great b/c now the indy can't win. :thumbsup:

What are you talking about?

Guys, Vipe needs to be protected tonight to the best of our ability. If the Inside Man kills him, he will win.

Nick/EDM, when you say the inside man wins with the FBI, does that mean he can win it for the FBI? Like, if the Inside Man kills Vipe tonight, does the FBI win as well, or is it an indy win.

If Vipe is targeted for death by multiple people, will this still cause the Inside Man to win if he contributed to Vipe's death?

If the answer to the second quesiton is no, the hitman should talk out Vipe tonight. If the answer is yes, well, try to take the Inside Man out.

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Also, if the Inside Man dies but fulfills his wincon before his death, will he be victorious?

If the answer to this is no, someone should take out Slick tonight. I mean, the Inside Man didn't act last night which can mean one of two things:

a. Inactivity

b. The role belonged to someone intelligent enough to realize that they could kill the partner. However, if the Inside Man killed his partner, he could have killed himself, insuring a win, right?

Due to inheiriting a role from an inactive and then giving a total misrepresentation of it, I would say Slick is suspect.

And no, this is not a vendetta against Slick. This "Hey, look.. this makes sense.."

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Also, if the Inside Man dies but fulfills his wincon before his death, will he be victorious?

Izzy, I think you're mixing things up. Take a look again on the rules, specifically this one:

Have game end with Inside Man still alive, wins with FBI. If Inside Man is killed, then kill either the first person to vote for Inside Man (whose vote stayed on him) or whoever killed him.

Inside Man's Old Partner: After screwing up a big case and getting fired, he's turned to a life of crime to make ends meet. Can mug one person each night, blocking them. If Inside Man dies, then he goes into a murderous rage and his block is replaced with a kill.

So, it seems that we got rid of the Indy (which means only 4 goodies/whatever to lynch/kill), but I do not think this gives us much information in itself.

And in fact, I was surprised by how little information was in the first nightpost (compared to the rest of the games I saw here on BrainDen).

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*facepalm* I thought the different greens represented two different indies. Ah well.

Nonsense? Wasting my time? At least I'm encouraging conversation in this thread and people helping one another. Better than refusing to defend and calling out those that are actually talking. :P

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I just decided to be a little artistic and make the roles different colors than the factions and wincons.... Izzy, I think you're mixing up inside man with Inside Man's Old Partner. Old Partner, who is now dead, was the one who goes insane.

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Ill defined? Okay, tell me anything that is ill-defined and I will clear it up. @ Dudley I was going to make sure that the Nightkill and stuff were in the OP, but I wasn't here and EDM took the initiative, but forgot that :(

EDIT: @Izzy did somebody skim-read?

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Note: Goody kill is assigned to a person, and can be blocked, but not redirected. YES I just thought of this now. Sorry, this is my first time. I'm sorry for my ineptitude as a host, but I'm doing the best I can. In fact I think I might make a little "Guide to Hosting Mafia" as that part of the guide is incomplete, really just linking you to stuff. I'll have a checklist and everything :)

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