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Child's Play



Seven this time, you must solve, before your work is done

And even then, there's something more, to find about each one

Dress down and take to task, both maybe doubly so

Too this trashy sheet, could put you in the know

Vital that it functions, independently

Bellowing out loud, that could be the key

Previously this trio has formed ties on que

The one before this verse and code for sex too

Though it may be routine, just part of an act

It still adds up, you can count on that fact

To do the heavy lifting, I help to move along

A girly sort of thing, L.A. greets me in a song

How much they say, and if it's a fit

It's what it does, and then you're it

You may marvel at my exploits, super bold and strong

Should do lunch sometime, or don't be this of song

FWIW, here are a couple of links to other similar ones from before:

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rats, thats a very good fit. think you'll still agree to my answer though

alarm or clock?

hey mojo - sorry, not that

A play?

no, but I think this one will be next to go


(takes a trio to play), "jump"(as in pounce) code for sex

Can I have an "A" for effort? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssse?

I like the logic. Definitely A grade work . Just not what I have in mind here. This one may be last to go.


hey phoenixx - good to see you. not that


yes indeed, RoyalBlue tkes that bad boy down


Can I guess what the main theme is?

no and yes not really. think you'll need all the answers first. could be wrong tho. (EDIT)

Peas in a pod???

not that

I might be waaaay off but Toy Story?

yeah, that's not it and I guess I should say the final answer isn't a theme per se

Edited by plainglazed
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so answers till now...

1. dress down...-rag by dD

5. heavy lifting...- Dolly by dD

6. ure it...- Tag by dD yet again..and..

7. super bold...-hero by RoyalBlue

i noticed EDM did this sometyms but i'm doin this just for my convenience...heh..was takin tym figurin out wats solved and wats not...

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2. Basic?

3. Risque?

4. Number?

hey there Wilson - spot on for 4.

UNI (que) as well as (-formed), (-ties), (-on), (-verse), (-code), and (-sex)

now to figure out the connection to #2 :unsure:


and I thought this one would be last to go since it is all PoW and not WAI. very nice dD. added to your spoiler in red for further clarity?

2 - lateral

4 - sum

not that one

would be nice if my son functioned independently...


hah, certainly see where you're coming from despite all girls for me but, alas, no.


Edit: I just realized wilson beat me to it

right on.


I like wild but not what you'll need for the final answer.

And thanks Tralala! for the recap. We are now down to the second couplet.

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1. rag

2. organ

3. uni

4. number

5. dolly

6. tags

7. hero


Gazuntite - have stared and stared at this but it's been a long day as my 5:00 a.m. posts and now 6:00 p.m. (eastern US time) reply can attest (still at work). Not that but hoping you will fill me in later.

Edited by plainglazed
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but the first letters are roundth so i am going out on a limb and guessing that kids song...pop goes the weasel because the verse goes ROUND THe mulberry bush

Once again a wild guess

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