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    Wow I suckmy percent correct was only 33.222
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    Eh, got to 12 and got bored and turned it off! ok thought
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  5. Happy to be back!

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    Clue finder: The murders on Baxter Street Act one: The Killer Begins His Spree It was 12:00 pm when the murder took place in front of a news editor’s office on Baxter Street. The December snow flakes were quietly traveling down from the heavens to rest their weary heads upon the ground, were their blood stained companions had found their resting place. Officer Fredric marcoli stood at the scene of the crime shaking his head in disbelief what sick bastard would do such a thing he thought as he once again surveyed the grotesque sight of the mangled and bloodied body laying in the snow. He arrived at the scene at 12:15 pm while out on patrol down town. Part of his patrol was a section of Baxter Street which slithers through the entirety of the city much like a large snake would through a pile of sticks and stones. The detective had just arrived five minutes earlier, and this is what he found. (Enter Detective James Fowler) It was 12:01 pm when James was awoken from his slumber by the phone. He grumbled and mumbled as he lifted his tall slender frame from its bed. The cold was not helping his decent from the warm bed to the cold floor or his fifteen foot journey from his valley of warmth to his telephone imbedded in the land of ice or so he thought. As he stuck his feet into his slippers he walked across his proverbial ice land to his telephone which was loyally ringing its bells with out ceasing. James picked up the phone and after saying the age-old greeting Hello was quietly awaiting a response. He heard heavy breathing and the answer “hello Detective” which seemed almost mocking was the response. “I thought I would just call, and let you know that there has been a murder on Baxter street at 12:00 pm near the Markus mars editors office. Goodbye, Detective. I’ll be seeing you around.” James stood there astonished knowing he had just talked with the murderer himself. James wasted no time in phoning the police and getting dressed. Then he headed over to the editor’s office. He arrived at the scene at 12:40 pm to meet Fredric who had been there for 25 minutes already James said hello and immediately began looking for clues. He found one which was so obvious it could not be mistaken for anything else, it was pinned to the victim’s chest by a knife. It looked like the murderer’s calling-card. Clue one: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1492035768 Blazing St. Try and catch me if you can, you lazy dogs! James looked it over, wondering what it meant and taking careful notes on it. The snow had unfortunately covered the culprit’s foot prints, making it impossible to try and track him. James had gotten all the clues he could from the area and left as the ambulance was pulling up to take the body to the morgue. James left feeling defeated knowing that the horror which was committed that night was soon to be repeated within the days to come and all he could do was wait and hope the criminal would make another slip up soon! So ends act one, but what happens next in act 2 may shed some light on who the killer is!
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    lol oh yeah i got 100% on first and second try
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    physical rating b (close enough) mental rating b (close enough) experience rating b (astonishing as i have never watched a zombie movie in my life ) emotional rating f (lol according to the game they say im numb to others suffering (NOT TRUE ) lol) total survival rank Z+ dr. bizmoe says: your knowledge,strength,and will to survival are unstoppable it would take a nuclear holocaust to remove you from the face of the earth.zombies don't stand a chance(lol probably the most accurate truth of me the game gave lol) B))
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    lol to true i might change it not sure yet XD lol
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