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    Wow I suckmy percent correct was only 33.222
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    Eh, got to 12 and got bored and turned it off! ok thought
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    Clue finder: The murders on Baxter Street Act one: The Killer Begins His Spree It was 12:00 pm when the murder took place in front of a news editor’s office on Baxter Street. The December snow flakes were quietly traveling down from the heavens to rest their weary heads upon the ground, were their blood stained companions had found their resting place. Officer Fredric marcoli stood at the scene of the crime shaking his head in disbelief what sick bastard would do such a thing he thought as he once again surveyed the grotesque sight of the mangled and bloodied body laying in the snow. He arrived at the scene at 12:15 pm while out on patrol down town. Part of his patrol was a section of Baxter Street which slithers through the entirety of the city much like a large snake would through a pile of sticks and stones. The detective had just arrived five minutes earlier, and this is what he found. (Enter Detective James Fowler) It was 12:01 pm when James was awoken from his slumber by the phone. He grumbled and mumbled as he lifted his tall slender frame from its bed. The cold was not helping his decent from the warm bed to the cold floor or his fifteen foot journey from his valley of warmth to his telephone imbedded in the land of ice or so he thought. As he stuck his feet into his slippers he walked across his proverbial ice land to his telephone which was loyally ringing its bells with out ceasing. James picked up the phone and after saying the age-old greeting Hello was quietly awaiting a response. He heard heavy breathing and the answer “hello Detective” which seemed almost mocking was the response. “I thought I would just call, and let you know that there has been a murder on Baxter street at 12:00 pm near the Markus mars editors office. Goodbye, Detective. I’ll be seeing you around.” James stood there astonished knowing he had just talked with the murderer himself. James wasted no time in phoning the police and getting dressed. Then he headed over to the editor’s office. He arrived at the scene at 12:40 pm to meet Fredric who had been there for 25 minutes already James said hello and immediately began looking for clues. He found one which was so obvious it could not be mistaken for anything else, it was pinned to the victim’s chest by a knife. It looked like the murderer’s calling-card. Clue one: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1492035768 Blazing St. Try and catch me if you can, you lazy dogs! James looked it over, wondering what it meant and taking careful notes on it. The snow had unfortunately covered the culprit’s foot prints, making it impossible to try and track him. James had gotten all the clues he could from the area and left as the ambulance was pulling up to take the body to the morgue. James left feeling defeated knowing that the horror which was committed that night was soon to be repeated within the days to come and all he could do was wait and hope the criminal would make another slip up soon! So ends act one, but what happens next in act 2 may shed some light on who the killer is!
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    lol oh yeah i got 100% on first and second try
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    physical rating b (close enough) mental rating b (close enough) experience rating b (astonishing as i have never watched a zombie movie in my life ) emotional rating f (lol according to the game they say im numb to others suffering (NOT TRUE ) lol) total survival rank Z+ dr. bizmoe says: your knowledge,strength,and will to survival are unstoppable it would take a nuclear holocaust to remove you from the face of the earth.zombies don't stand a chance(lol probably the most accurate truth of me the game gave lol) B))
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    lol to true i might change it not sure yet XD lol
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    Lol enjoy your learning experience !! A.what is a noob I. What is this? This guide is designed to give you a better understanding of what a noob is, how to recognize them, some details about them, and how to avoid or get rid of them. It mostly applies to online forums, which are the main targets of migrating noobs. II. Defining ‘Noob’ Contrary to the belief of many, a noob/n00b and a newbie/newb are not the same thing. Newbs are those who are new to some task* and are very beginner at it, possibly a little overconfident about it, but they are willing to learn and fix their errors to move out of that stage. n00bs, on the other hand, know little and have no will to learn any more. They expect people to do the work for them and then expect to get praised about it, and make up a unique species of their own. It is the latter we will study in this guide so that the reader is prepared to encounter them in the wild if needed.Noobs are often referred to as n00bs as a sign of disrespect toward them, and it’s often hella funny, but I will refer to them as noobs during this reading.Usually the topic at hand on an internet forum. B. COMMON NOOB CHARACTERISTICS I. Noobish Often, but not always, noobs will attempt to communicate in their own primitive language, known as “n00bish.” It is a variant of the hacker language that exposes them as having little intelligence or will to learn. Here is an example of some noobish. Do not attempt to comprehend it: it cannot be discerned without professionals at hand.stFU /../..an, i r teh r0xx0rz liek emin3m, u cna go tO EHLL OR ATLE4St help m3 wit hthIS!!111!!!!!!!1~~1!!“!! LOLLOLOLLOLOLlOoLLOlollLLl u n00b Although you may find this unbelievably funny and/or annoying, it is best to restrain yourself and keep from talking back to them, as they are very territorial and easily angered. This will result in their attempted verbal abuse of you, possibly backed up by other noobs, because they work in packs when doing offensive tasks. It is not an easy task to learn this language because our intelligent accent will keep it from sounding quite right when spoken. You can write some simple noobish of your own, however, by slamming your face into your keyboard repeatedly. II. Where to find n00bs On the internet, n00bs make their colonies on forums. They migrate in waves, usually on weekends, and proceed to clog up bandwidth with stupid questions and sometimes even stupid answers. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to be on a board large enough to attract migrating noobs, there will hopefully be authority in charge who is smart enough to take extermination measures before they can make nests and larger colonies. THE BANNER HAMMER is one form of authority. Larger colonies can result in the mutation of some into spammers. Not commercial spammers, but pointless spammers. A noob can become one of these at any point, but the larger the amount of noobs, the more chance pointless spammers will appear.Off the internet, noobs appear anywhere the focus is on learning or discussing something specific. III. Behavior of noobs Since noobs are basically ignorant ~censored~, they have a lot in common. The most often seen characteristic is their fluency in noobish, which is why it got its own section. They will also be very self confident as if they were the absolute best at what they are in fact the worst at. Also, they are quite agressive and self-centered, and tend to laugh a lot using many L’s and O’s in rapid sucession (the noobish word for laughing like an ultimate ~Censored~). It is their instinct to assemble in packs for defense, and they often attempt to organize packs that they call teams. Unfortunately for them, teams usually result in a total loss of communication and they can often begin to fight amongst each other. These teams are quite unlike those formed by non-noobs. Noobs have difficulty reading English and cannot comprehend the idea of authority. Therefore, they have an all-out disregard for rules, basic or not. A good way to identify a noob (bad) vs. a newb (good) is to tell them (or have an authority tell them) which rule they are unknowingly breaking. If they respond with an apology and fix it, they are probably not a noob. If they react by insulting everything around them in rapid noobish and causing general mayhem, it is because they are a noob and have had a small seizure due to their inability to understand what is happening. IV. Noob Religion Noobs follow a variation of the 1337 (sometimes 7331) religion, in which they worship the number in odd rituals and put altars in their forum avatars and signatures. They often call themselves 1337, which experts say is somewhat like calling themselves godly in a human language. It’s best to not interfere with their religious fantasies and practices because that can lead to a noob uprising, which can turn a forum to mush in less than a week. V. More about noob habitats Noobs often attempt to maintain their own web pages. Some common features of these lairs are a terrible lack of content, background music, lots of pointless animated gifs, and pages that say some variation of ‘tHEir isnothinG H34r yEtt LOLLOLOL!111!1!!~~~!!`! 13371337', which means ‘Nothing here yet’ in noobish. They will also have large, seemingly infinite marquees of 88X31 affiliate buttons replaced with red X’s scattered here and there, and possibly a hit counter showing a number less than 100. These habitats are numerous but fairly easy to avoid because only noobs link to them. So if you can identify a noob, don’t go to its homepage. Simple as that. C. AVOIDING NOOBS I. Make sure you aren’t one Note: This section is bilingual so even noobs can make the discovery if they haven’t already.English (T4lk)- Read the above parts of this guide carefully. If you find yourself unable to comprehend any of it but are instead beginning to think about how great you are and how awesome ‘teh 1337' is, you might want to take one of the many available online quizzes to check your noobancy. Noobish (133713371337)- Liek, u gott4 re3D teh gudieCAREFUl1y and tehn OMG LIEK I AM R0XX0RZ ya anD ify 0u turn into teh ~Censored~ u gota go 2 MY WEBP4GE LOLLOLOL!!111~11 ad check 4 warez n stfuu. if u r a n00b go2HELL LOLLOLOlROFLMFAO11!!!11!!!! a/s/l pos gtg n00b suxx0rz ur b0xx0rz OLOOOLOLLLL HELP HELP HELP 1337133713371337 II. Major noob avoiding strategies The main factor in attracting migrating herds of noobs is a large, active forum. If you find one of these, look to see if it has the management to avoid noob infestation. If not, look for a small or mid-sized forum that covers the same topic so you can enjoy your time there before the noobs find it. Another way to keep noobs from interfering with your life is to become part of the authority on one of these forums. But that’s often hard to do so you’ll probably be better off avoiding larger forums first off. If you do manage to become part of the authority, however, take full advantage of it and establish extermination policies so that normal people can have a nice time without noob infestations.
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    my average was 0.1638 seconds on the first try woot i got rocketing rabbit
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    l0l and i thought i was a game head you dont play combat arms by any chance??
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    lol your right darn wished i saw that before lol
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    lol there is one i swear your just not looking the right way
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