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  1. You mean Sonny d and I didn't answer correctly? :huh:

    I think there is more than one possible answer...it's basically a latin square...using the 9 by 9 matrix you guys created, as long as each person gets only one number from each row and each column, it works...

  2. I am beginning o think i am too dumb for the den!! I can't get any of these riddles and just when I think I have a brilliant answer poof* its wrong lol

    Don't be so down on yourself...it's not you, it's me...I take pride in making hard riddles ;P.

  3. (1) Before we met, I was every color shown in light,

    Now that you're gone, I'm just black and white.

    (2) I was the one who captured you,

    But now you have changed me, too.

    (3) It's hard to think that as I grow,

    You could and would actually slow.

    (4) For you I'll translate,

    If you can keep the date.

    (5) I'll forever take your traces.

    To countless far-away places.

    We know that you'll never come back,

    So we've come together as a pack.

    But you will be the one who sees,

    If they can discover our identities.

  4. This is a very difficult puzzle, only solveable through recursive functions using computer programming...

    ...This ultimately leads to the best choice being a split by a narrow margin.

    Number of calculations that proves this is millions and millions of calculations.

    Sorry for such hard one, I'll do lot easier one next time.

    Yeah...calculating the odds on BlackJack is pretty complicated...I know of a math student did their graduate project on showing that if you count cards you have a 51% chance of winning...

  5. You know, there are a number of elements that have been discovered and just heven't been nemaed yet. All those Un- ones are temporary names until new ones are agreed upon, I think.

    Okay, so all of us here at BrainDen should go petition them to give an element the symbol E...

    Btw, 5 still not completely broken down into it's elements yet... ;P

  6. Wow, if you use Scandium you get 191, but if you use Sulfur and Carbon, you get 192, so I thought it was possibly just an addition error. :P

    Yep, I try to use as few elements in the spelling as possible...and yeah, it was a type-oh on 4, should be 176 not 174, sorry...

    No one knows what 91 for the last one is? I'm disappointed...:(

    Great job, guys. I've discovered the elements they really need to discover are something with the symbols E(the most common letter in the English language), A, and (surprisingly) L, so if any of you know any chemists... ;)

  7. 1. 139 27 101 1ave t16 ma46 140e76.

    2. 53 191, 139 191, 74e 13l 191 17r 111 176.

    3. 90e 15l39 74a39 139 27't 123 69 62 139 d15't tr39.

    4. 13l 139 88l39 10ed 69 love, 97t a 3t81e 209 174 a60 t9 d114't 93rt.

    5. 69 90e 91 89e 8r dead?

    I've graduated from kindergarten...I can make complete sentences now! ;P

  8. If there was/is an adding mistake, but you are too good for that
    F-I-N-Er 137

    Oopsies, you are right, my math skills are pretty solid...however, my typing skills aren't necessarily so dependable... ;)

    There's a type-oh for 3, it should be 137 (but what I had was not "snow" or "finer"). What I had is only 2-elements long...

    Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

  9. I'm disappointed with that "solution." I think that most people, if they were concious, would risk "burning" there hands and throw the dry ice out of the well to save themselves. Even if they didn't know what it was they would assume it to have malicious intent considering they were just tricked/thrown into a well and then had some "smoking" object thrown in with them. Plus it would likely have "burned" the victim when dropped in and therefore left marks on the body.

    Not a great REDRUM plot. Still a very cool idea though. My compliments for the riddle.

    Actually, dry ice by itself doesn't smoke...it's only when you combine it with water (i.e. for Halloween punch bowls and stuff) that smoke appears. The well was too high for the victim to throw out the ice, and, honestly, most people in that situation wouldn't know what was going on...getting thrown in a well with what looks like plain ice...very few people would realize/suspect dry ice and understand that it would end up suffocating them...

  10. This was a lot of fun. Thanks. :D

    (Stuck on two of them.) <_<

    1. banana

    2. canine

    3. –

    4. butler

    5. sky

    6. fund

    7. show

    8. police

    9. –

    10. snatch

    11. smack

    12. clothes

    13. barber

    14. relate

    15. know

    16. because

    17. notebook

    18. tanks

    19. capture

    20. unicorn

    21. cinnamon

    22. professional

    23. relay race

    Wow, excellent job everyone (you guys got this much faster than my friend freshmen year...;)). I had different answers for 7, 15, 18 (although yours totally work, too :)). I'm really glad you enjoyed this!

  11. Wow...this is like a story idea I had awhile ago, that I have yet to write into a novel (like many of my story ideas XP)

    But basically, I look at this scenario using a mathematical concept. Some functions are periodic (go through cycles of values), like the sine or cosine function. If we use y to represent time to the external world, and x to represent time for a specific person, for a normal person living a normal life, the function is y=x (linear increasing). For these two, their function is y=sin(x). We can think of the time that the guys see the device as y=0 (which corresponds to x=0, x=pi, x=2pi, x=3pi, etc), which increases until the time they touch the device, which we can think of as y=1 (which corresponds to x=pi/2, x=5pi/2, y=9pi/2, etc), at which point they get "sent back" (y decreases) to four hours before they find the device, which we can think of as y=-1 (corresponding to x=3pi/2, x=7pi/2, x=11pi/2, etc.). They then go forward in to y=0 ago and so on.

    Actually, it's somewhat more complex...I would use the idea of "branches" in Complex Analysis...at least, that's what I use for my story. It involves applying this to a real/imaginary mapping (real on one axis, imaginary on another axis), creating a helix in time, and in this case, the nth branch would correspond to kiba/shino-n/4...but I'm not sure I can explain it in the length of one post...guess you'll just have to read my novel (once I write it, of course ;P).

    But in truth, I don't really believe in time travel...I'm pretty sure it's been proven impossible XP...but it makes for good philosophical discussions :D .

  12. Ex: Austin (city in Texas) = 124

    1. _____ (fruit) = 78

    2. _____ (dog) = 58

    3. _____ (weather condition) = 147

    4. _____ (servant) = 246

    5. _____ (something blue) = 74

    6. _____ (subsidy) = 161

    7. _____ (demonstrate) = 157

    8. _____ (law enforcer) = 145

    9. _____ (sweet) = 113

    10. _____ (steal) = 142

    11. _____ (hit) = 170

    12. _____ (something people shop for) = 214

    13. _____ (cuts hair) = 161

    14. _____ (empathize) =184

    15. _____ (memory) = 196

    16. _____ (why) = 123

    17. _____ (journal) = 194

    18. _____ (trunks) = 115

    19. _____ (photograph) = 265

    20. _____ (mystical creature) = 233

    21. _____ (spice) = 115

    22. _____ (experienced) = 151

    23. _____ _____ (team athletic event) = 317

    The values are the same regardless of the language.

    I actually came up with this method as part of a prank my freshmen year in college...

    I had a friend from Austin, Texas who was really homesick and always complaining about how Austin was so much better...so when he went home for spring break we broke into his room and pranked it. We also changed the combination to his door so that he wouldn't be able to get in when he got back.

    To help him figure out his new combination, we left a textbook from one of our freshmen classes outside his door with a sticky note that said "find your way H-O-M-∑".

    Yeah...he had a nice surprise when he got back from the airport at 3am...;P

  13. Et c'est fini!

    Good job everyone. Here is a summary of the solutions:

    1. cos(π/4) = √2/2

    2. √8 = 2√2

    3. ln(e^2) = 2

    4. ∫sin(x/2)dx from -π to 0 = -2cos(x/2) from -π to 0 = -2(cos(0)-cos(-π/2)) = -2(0-(-1)) = -2

    Nice work and thanks for the interest. There may be a sequel... ;)

  14. Hmmm...makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from Shakespeare (which I think is greatly under-appreciated):

    "The evil that men do live after them, the good is oft interred with their bones." (Part of Mark Antony's speech at Caesar's funeral).

    Even evil men weren't evil infants...so when did they become evil? How much evil must a man do to be considered evil, and how much good must a man do to be considered good? (Not a riddle...just philosophical questions).

  15. But, how did the reredum lure his victim down into the well?

    He put a block of dry ice at the bottom of the well, which evaporated completely before the police arrived.

    Ding ding ding! And we have a winner! Here is why the "trick" works so well:

    The dry ice sublimes (turn into CO2 vapor), which expands, and since CO2 is denser than oxygen (which someone earlier caught on to), the CO2 gas pushes the oxygen up and away, surrounding the guy at the bottom with carbon dioxide and suffocating him, much faster than it would take for him to suffocate by his own breathing.

    Plus, the chilling effect of the dry ice delays the onset of rigor mortis. The dry ice leaves no trace, so when the police find the body, they estimate the time that the guy fell/was pushed into the well to be much earlier than it actually was. The culprit, conveniently and cleverly, has an airtight alibi for that time.

    So how the guy got in the well isn't really important, the culprit may have pushed him, or tricked him into falling in the dark (best to do it in the middle of the night since the guy will be dead by morning so he can't be rescued by a passerby). Ideally, make it look like an accident. But just in case, make sure you have an airtight alibi ;P.

    Darn, now that you've figured it out I'll have to come up with some other method...;P

  16. not sure if this has been guessed...

    support proposal= won (like it passed b/c it had support) OR

    = one (as in unity- unanimous). that would make it natural log of (e^1)= 1.

    I really like this riddle- I first saw it when just posted, took one look, and gave up! :o;)

    I only got this (maybe?) from reading otr ppl's responses

    Lol, well, there's a lesson in that...it's like the Case of the Clapham Cook (Agatha Christie). ;P

    Seeing as how everyone is trying so hard and I want you guys to succeed, here are some hints that should get you there:

    I try to be pretty consistent w/ my grammar, so since "support proposal" is a verb/action, the answer should also be a verb.

    So in a parliamentary body, someone makes a proposal, and then someone else supports the proposal...there's another word for that and that is what I'm looking for.

    Finally, if you look at the other answers, you should notice a pattern...;P

  17. ok, here's the last 3:

    prose doze

    prime rhyme

    quicker ticker (one response was very close to this one)

    that's all I have! ;) If anyone comes up with any more, please post.

    Noooo....now I'll have to find some other way to procrastinate... ;P

    This has been so much fun. Thanks, engspangussian! But I really don't get your answer for #4. Can you explain?

  18. Another thought Red Rum was the name on a famous race horse record holder of the UK grand national, a friend of his went missing - Shergar 10 length win (record holder) of the derby, never to be seen again - anything to do with you Yoruichi-san

    I think there was a well/hole involved with that one two - Police are still looking into it :lol::lol::lol:

    111 and 2112 ??

    Haha...or should I say muhahahaha...;P

    Darn, you found me out detective....I was hoping we could be friends, but now it looks like I'm gonna have to get rid of you...

    Look out for a headline in the newspaper this weekend that they found a body at the bottom of a well... XP

    I'm glad of the timing...this "trick" works particularly well in the summer... (hint: that was a hint ;))

  19. I can't give up...no really, I can't, even if I want to. I can't control my thoughts...my stupid brain has a mind of it's own...;P

    2. trite/write or droll/scroll or dead/read

    4. fame/name (he's famous, it's a pen name?)

    13. rusher/gusher

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