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  1. Well, I'm not sure if this will be helpful or not, but this reminds me of finding isomers in organic chemistry...so maybe we could look at this with a similar systematic method as finding and naming of isomers:

    Consider the longest straight "chain", then the next longest chain, and so on...

    For n cubes, there is 1 arrangement with the longest chain of n cubes.

    There are (n-1)/2 for odd n and n/2 for even n arrangements with the longest chain of n-1 cubes. (You can put the nth cube on a face of any of the other cubes except the end faces of the end cubes, since that would just be the n cube chain, and putting it on the 1st cube is the same as putting it on the last cube, the 2nd is the same as the 2nd to last, etc. This is equivalent to the rule in OChem that you start counting at the end that will give you the smallest numbers)

    For the longest chain being n-2, you have different options. You can either attach a 2 cube "side-chain" or two 1 cube side-chains to the base chain. There are (n-2)/2 for even n or (n-1)/2 for odd n ways of attaching the 2 cube side-chain. For the two 1 cube chains, you can start out putting 1 cube on the first cube in the base chain, then put the second 1 cube side chain either 90 degrees or 180 degrees from it on each of the n-2 cubes in the base chain, for 2(n-2) arrangements. Then move the first cube side-chain and repeat the process until you get to the center cube for another 2(n-3)+ 2(n-4)+...2(n-n/2) for even n or 2(n-(n-1)/2) for odd n arrangements.

    Okay, I can see that this is getting complicated really quickly, and as mentioned by others, there is the issue of "chirality" to consider when the side chains are different lengths...but, I dunno, this might be a start or help in some way...I'll keep thinking about it (whether I want to or not...I'm one of those ppl who can't stop thinking about a problem once they get in into their head...X\)

  2. :) :)
    The Reredrum bet the victim that he couldn't spend a whole night in the well, but could have a lantern so he could see. He would then tell the victim that he would cover the well to keep the elements out. The cover blocks out the fresh air, the lantern burns up all the oxygen, and the victim in all his egotistical glory never struggles and sits and sleeps, quietly dreaming of how he will spend his money, but we know better don't we.

    Clever. Not what I was going for, though. If I were the REREDRUM, and in this case, I kinda am ;P, then I would want to leave as little evidence behind as possible for the police to trace...so I guess I should add:

    There was nothing found in the well besides the body (he had his clothes and wallet and stuff).

  3. Okay, a lot of ppl are kinda heading on the right track...here are some things to think about:

    The REREDRUM also wants to make sure he has an alibi, just in case the "making it look like an accident" thing doesn't work out.

    I like the way you think, but there's an easier method to "pour" the gas down there that will help with the previous hint...


    Keep thinking, guys!

    Oh, and a clarification: By "no signs of a struggle", it means that there was no struggle shortly before he died in the well, i.e., he was not strangled.

  4. CO2 i heavier than air - so he fell down and then when he kept breathing, he 'drowned in the CO2...

    ...but that would take awhile, and this definitely was a REDRUM, and the REREDRUM definitely did something...want to minimize the chance that someone would happen to find the guy before he's dead...

    the REREDRUMER wants the cops to think it was an accident...ah, he's a clever one ;P

  5. Wow, this looks fun...

    Wish I had more time to think about this, but here are some guesses:

    4. MCAT (yeah, I know it's wrong, but it works so well...;P)

    5. Dog/log or bird/word

    7. Eggplant/sycophant (okay, sycophant is 3 syllables, but I like it for this...)

    10. Flyer/crier(or lier, sigher, tire?)

    11. Ransom/Hansom

    13. Racer/pacer

  6. I dont know if this is what you are looking for but...

    not to be a smart a** or anything, just thought it might be right

    as stated in the problem the cause of death was suffocation. So, how did he die? He suffocated.

    Lol, that wasn't what I was going for, but you're right, I should be more specific. I guess I should say "what caused him to suffocate?".

    No one has it yet...

  7. Here's a short one (I'm short on time):

    A guy is found dead at the bottom of an abandoned well (no water has been in the well for a long time). The coroner finds the cause of death to be suffocation, but no water is found in his lungs (he did not drown), and there are no signs of a struggle. How did he die?

    There may be more than one answer that works (for those people who are more creative than me), but I have a specific one in mind. Enjoy! :)

  8. no X is two faces meeting, right? And 0 is the circle your arms' make. At least that's what I thought :P

    lol since when? I live in Michigan and we definitely say "pizza" ;D

    "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore" ;)

  9. Ps do you cross your arms when you hug or wrap your arms around them??

    Some more here and much more than half agree on yahoo answers

    So are you pretty sure or rethinking :lol: XX OO @-->-->--- meant to be a rose but looks like a carnation

    it's a US/European difference - either that or I am wrong - that would be a first, Answerbag agrees ha ha.. Also the * = kiss and () represents arms = hugs

    Now that's confused it all.

    Are we saying gods is Deus of dei for this puzzle>

    Well, I bow to the wisdom of Wikipedia on the hugs and kisses thing, and ye all mighty says that hugs is X and kisses is O...;P

    So here's what needs to be done:

    3. figure out what "support proposal" is

    4. put it all together (and figure out the answer)

    Almost there!

  10. Kiss is X and Hug is 0

    Dei is pronounced day - sort of and that is close to 10 (portugese, spanish. italian (dieci) i think?

    Loser = worthLESS or TWO TIME loser, unles Dei = day = 24 hrs - not likely

    reaching a bit on languages

    No, I'm pretty sure X is hug...the cross represents crossing your arms when you hug someone, and the O represents puckering your lips for a kiss...

    Well, the all-knowing Wikipedia says so, anyways. ;P

    Thanks for the rating! I was wondering how to get those... :)

  11. if Latin "gods" is "dei," pronounced "dee," then you take "hug" to be x, as in x's and o's and that gives you dx. As in integrate with respect to x.

    Now all that's left on 4 is to figure out what "loser" means...

    X-ellent! ;P

    I'm a stickler for good math notation... :D

  12. very nice work

    i think the latin god refers to deus, which can be pronounced as deuce (or 2), and hug is x (as in x's and o's/hugs and kisses)

    so, it reads:

    integral from negative pi to negative one of sine x over two two x

    i think the ending could be read either as sin(x/2 * 2x) or sin(x/2)(2x). the latter interpretation seems better to me.

    Good thinking. You're so close, so I'll just give a minor hint...latin conjugation is much more complex than english...

  13. 4. Important from pessimistic pizza to loser of omen of former over also latin gods hug

    Important = Integral

    pessimistic pizza = "-pi" since northerners in america call pizzas "pies"

    loser = won over = 1 over

    omen = sign = sine

    Nice job, but not what I was going for on the "loser" interpretation...(even though your's is very creative...more so than mine! :) )

  14. The answer to the first is sqrt(2)/2.


    co-sign/cosine of pastry/pi over front/fore/four = sqrt(2)/2

    I've haven't managed to figure out the rest yet...

    Yep! Good job. Keep it up! ;)

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