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  1. aiemdao

    Dividend please (on steroids)

    ??? there are 3 digits before green digits , but there are 4 subtraction different from all after
  2. aiemdao

    Dividend please (on steroids)

    I dont really understand the question, why there are seven red x, what is symbol ( in the middle of dividend.
  3. aiemdao

    Dividend, please?

    =)) thanks
  4. aiemdao

    Dividend, please?

  5. aiemdao

    Poisoned Wine

  6. aiemdao

    Postage Stamps

  7. aiemdao

    Coin hunt

  8. aiemdao

    Next card is Red

    i think
  9. aiemdao

    Pegity - white to win

    I think after 7 move
  10. aiemdao

    Pegity - white to win

    Is O win if we get XOOOOOX?
  11. aiemdao

    Worth the Weight

    4 light ones/48
  12. aiemdao

    Colored hats, revisited

    I mean because their comment are sequent . So Rocdocmac know he dont have Red ( Plasmid say one of three ) , and he cannot have B too because if he have blue , Plasmid will know he have Red :v =>he already know he have Yellow
  13. aiemdao

    Colored hats, revisited

    something wrong BMAD: My hat is one of two colors => P and R 's hat is : RY, RB, YY, BR, YR => if R has B => P know he has R => R never say: My hat is one of three colors