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  1. Since that guess was final, it is also included in the guesses that can be nullified, correct? So, if I am nullified, there is a chance that #1 will be the guess that is nullified (even though it is pointless)

    yea, it would have the possibility of being nulled just like any others. as for Bb sacrificing for himself, i get it now. i wasn't thinking of him as independent anymore.. my bad. now that he's on your team, he can make the sacrifice to keep himself on the team. it sounds silly, but it also sounds fair to me, so there it is ;)

  2. QUESTION FOR ITACHI: Can I still change my first guess if I believe that it was ineffectual? (Can I remove my guess that Zeus will use hermes to message Aphrodite?)

    I believe that this is fair because either my guess did not work and I am just changing my mind about what I want to do, or my guess is currently working, however, once I remove it, the message will go through.

    No, sorry. you cannot change that guess. It was final when you said it was final.

    Another Question for Itachi:

    Can an independent sacrifice their own summon? ALSO, if we lose an independant, does it take two more sacrifices to regain their allegiance or only one?

    I don't understand the first question here. As for the second one, it takes 1 sacrifice every 3 days to keep each independent you recruit.

    Also: ITACHI- Can an independent sacrifice for themself?

    I don't really understand this one either. I'm assuming the answer is no to these types of questions.

  3. Bad news. my internet is down and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest :angry: believe me, I was just arguing with my cable company for a while about it, but no dice... so it seems that tonight will have to last 48 hours (hopefully no longer). Sorry for the inconvenience. If it has to go longer than 48 hours, I'll make sure to let you all know.

  4. I suggest that tonight Ysan boosts me to attack... someone? I wonder, if I am boosted to give myself the increased ability to kill, will that also increase my liklihood to die? The description only says 'kill action' but it would be nice to have itachi clarify.

    I also think I should use one of my protection summons on one of you (IDNE I guess since he stands a double-threat now).

    I wonder if a save and/or a block-guess would prevent the negative effects of this night's special events? - could you clarify this itachi?

    1) no, your likelihood to die does not get raised as well.

    2) if this is asking whether or not you can block Nyx, then no, you can't :ph34r:

    Another question to Itachi (on top of Bb's questions): If Heracles targets someone with a labor is it always mentioned? Or does the nullify only get mentioned if the person tries to do something and the kill only mentioned if it is rolled the successful 50% kill?

    well, i haven't exactly stuck to any specific rule regarding non-mention (in the last night(s) because there was hardly anything worth mentioning -_- ). on a night when things actually happen, no kills on the 50% chance will not be mentioned. and nullification that doesn't matter will not be mentioned either. basically, i try to write in only the bare essentials (post-night 1) but given barely anything to work with I'll add a couple things here and there just to keep myself amused ;)

  5. Day 4: The First Independent Recruited :o

    Hades' Spirit: You came?

    IDNE: Indeed. Just as we arranged. Hmm. I see you're getting more powerful by the day. But it seems that power comes with a price. Your Spirit is stronger, but that makes you more vulnerable as well...

    Hades: Nothing I can't handle. Who do you think you're talking to?

    Flexing his right hand open, Hades palm faced IDNE as a Summoning Orb manifested from IDNE's head, popped out of his body, and flew directly into Hades' palm. Hades shuddered with joy at the feeling.

    Hades: If only...

    The Summoning left him too though and descended down to the depths of Tartarus.

    Hades: So fleeting, yet so satisfying. Alright, I'll join your cause. But only if I get my fix every 3 days and not a moment later!



    1) Brandonb

    2) dawh

    3) grey cells

    4) IDNE

    5) Impervious

    6) Kat

    7) Prof. Templeton

    8) SomeGuy

    9) star tiger

    10) Y-San

    Night 5 begins now and ends in 24 hours. No need for a vote since it will be Chaos. :ph34r:

  6. Roster:

    1) Brandonb - voting for IDNE

    2) dawh - voting for Impervious

    3) grey cells - voting for Impervious

    4) IDNE- voting for IDNE

    5) Impervious - voting for Impervious

    6) Kat

    7) Prof. Templeton - voting for IDNE

    8) SomeGuy - voting for Impervious

    9) star tiger - voting for IDNE

    10) Y-San - voting for IDNE

    Current roster...


    OK Day is over. This is the final vote tally.

  7. OK, I had a question about this.


    If the 'player granted a summoning' turns out to be Hades, does he get 3 of his summonings back?

    Edit: added color

    sure. Hades loses 3 at a time, he should gain 3 at a time. I didn't specify either way in the OP, so this is it.

  8. Good point

    Itachi: can I send the message to Aphrodite before selecting my guesses?

    sure, but I made one thing clear on the other BTSC Forum, so I need to do it here too. I won't/can't accept night actions before it is officially night. reason being: messengers need at least some time to be sent so they can't be nullified before the night even begins. so you can send a message first, but it has to be posted after the night officially begins. you can just log on and link to the message you have already written if you want. then i will use the timing of the posts to determine what happens and what gets nullified. thanks!

  9. Wow...I'm going to get like no work done today...XP...congrats Itachi on creating such an exciting game ;P

    lol. thanks! though I do hope your work takes priority :)

    Let me know as soon as you get that cipher done. BTW, I will be unable to be online at the time of the end of the day so you will have to post your guess (Nullify Zeus sending a message to Aphrodite). I think this will be better anyway and we will not have to make a guess of one of Zeus's guesses.

    since you two have BTSC, you can organize to powerplay for each other if you want. The only thing I'll be a stickler about from now on is only posting night actions when it is officially night. :blink:

  10. Nyx clarification: Basically, I will randomize all living players. The first 4 will get each action in order of the OP whether they have lost Summonings or not. If that player who is granted a Summoning cannot gain anymore, it will say so in the night post.

  11. Question to Itachi: Does the player who gets chosen their summon back have to have been one that lost a summon? I.e. is the random selection of players out of the players who lost summons or out of all players, i.e. if a player at full summons is chosen, nothing happens?

    Basically, I will randomize all living players. The first 4 will get each action in order of the OP whether they have lost Summonings or not. If that player cannot gain Summonings, it will say so in the night post.

  12. Guesses:

    1. DO NOT NULLIFY_ Nestor will nullify Dawh/Poseidon

    2. NULLIFY_Poseidon will summon Apollo

    GJ, both were correct! Y-San is Nestor and will have access to the BTSC Forum soon. Also, Poseidon is dawh, as if it weren't completely obvious from the Night Post...

  13. Night 4: Oddly enough... Uneventful still

    Cronus spun the hands of Time to the distant past; to the Origin of the Gods.

    Cronus: Forgive me Father, but I will not stay here long enough to greet you.

    Many of the Gods and Heroes were not as lucky to have the chance to leave. Olympus faded in and out, brightened to a blinding light and then vanished entirely! Those that took part in the Battle for Mount Olympus found themselves in utter blackness. The stars shone brilliantly. Suddenly, they each noticed that they were not floating amongst the stars, but rather stood on a very massive, and oddly placed object that was seemingly floating in the pitch black sky. Suddenly, it moved! The Gods could barely hold their footing as it rolled awake from its long slumber.

    Heracles: What is this? What sort of devious joke has been played on us now?

    Hades' Spirit: It's no joke... it's Uranus!

    The massive Father of the Gods lifted his head to see what was transpiring on his belly. What were these tiny creatures? It was the first he saw of any other being, but he already did not like them.


    Fear clutching all their hearts, the Olympians tried to at least take one of their enemies out in this nightmarish twist of Time and Fate. Zeus Summoned Hebe to provide Poseidon a boost of energy as he took off after SG.

    Hebe (winking out of existence): Please do not Summon me here again my Lord Zeus.

    Zeus: Just do what I command! I'd prefer to not be here myself... it's madness!

    Poseidon took off after SG, but his running bothered Uranus, who felt compelled to swat him down like a gnat, nullifying him.


    As Poseidon fell, he Summoned Apollo to at least get one of his desires achieved, but Odysseus' mind was too quick to let it happen. Odysseus ran near to where Apollo was Summoned, drew his sword and stabbed Uranus. The slightly annoying pain was enough to anger the giant God so that he swatted that section of his body next. Odysseus ducked for what appeared to be no reason. Apollo looked at him as if he were mad. As Odysseus squatted in anticipation, Apollo's eyes grew wide as an enormous hand sent him flying, completely nullifying him.


    Both Nestor and Aphrodite tried to ignore the insanity of the situation and did their best to keep dawh from acting while most of the other Gods just tried to hang on until this cursed night was over.



    1) Brandonb

    2) dawh

    3) grey cells

    4) IDNE

    5) Impervious

    6) Kat

    7) Prof. Templeton

    8) SomeGuy

    9) star tiger

    10) Y-San

    Day 4 begins now. If votes are solidified sooner than 24 hours in, I'll end the day a few hours early to get back on schedule. That's only if it's convenient for everyone. Otherwise, it will be the normal 24 hour Day.

  14. Perhaps you were not paying attention? :rolleyes:

    When does this night end? I know I screwed everyone up with my late sacrifice.

    It ends in 1 hour.

    Why do I have the feeling all those spoiler boxes were unnecessary? :unsure: ...nah, I'm sure only you and Y-San opened them... :lol:

  15. Clarifying Night 5 - Chaos. Thanatos get a 100% kill regardless of anything (of course this can be deferred to the random party's Summoning if they have any left). Hypnos' sleep means no Action and no Summoning. I should have made these clearer in the OP. I'll amend them now.

  16. Lol, I was reading over Zeus's descriptions too much to decide what guessess to make. Mafia Overload from being gone for easter.

    Summon :Cronus

    :lol: I kinda figured you would just sub in Cronus for Ananke, but I had to make sure ;)

    Heracles has chosen to be inactive for the night.

    Edit: Also, just 2 guesses for tonight since it is mandatory Origin

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