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  1. I will sacrifice Rhea for Mnemosyne.

    Changed from previous. Hope this is ok

    Please send the same letter though. Thank you.

    letter sent. I actually sent it a while ago by accident :duh: sorry, but i have to stand by the deadline for the day ending. I apologize for not being around, but the day still ended when 24 hours was up. Sorry for any inconvenience. It may work out better for you anyway.

  2. Day 2: A Twisted Offer

    IDNE stood before the crumbling statue of Mnemosyne, but felt a wicked aura from behind him. He turned to seek its source, but it faded away, just as his eyes focused on the distant surroundings. Shocked, IDNE felt as though an icy hand lay on his shoulder. He spun, drawing his sword, but again was met with nothingness. He felt sick and confused and threatened. "I just don't know what to do. Am I making the right choice.?"

    ???: You already made your choice. You just don't know it yet.

    IDNE spun around for a third time, then lowered his head in shame.

    IDNE: Am I going insane?

    As if to answer, the air before began to cloud. That fog became denser and took on the form of a man.

    IDNE: You? But how?

    Hades (reaching quickly for IDNE's chest): You don't need to know.

    The icy grip of Hades seemed to be pulling something from IDNE's core. From his entire being. Hades pulled his hand away and beheld a glowing orb. IDNE felt as if he was looking at a part of himself. A part he would never have again.

    IDNE: Is that my soul?

    Hades: Hah! I wish it was... no, this is the soul of one of your Summonings. Shame I can't hold onto it for long. I must let it descend to Tartarus where it now belongs.

    IDNE: Will you join me?

    Hades: Ask me again sometime. When you're ready to make another Sacrifice.

    The image of Hades dissipated into the air, leaving IDNE alone, cold, lonely and a tad regretful for his choice.

    Edit: IDNE looked up from his stupor at a new visitor to this Sacrifice. She was rugged, yet beautiful and looked as if she only appeared in spirit.

    IDNE: A-Athena?

    Athena: Yes, I just barely made it in time to stop this Sacrifice. Here.

    Athena opened her hand to reveal a glowing orb: the very same that was just taken from IDNE. The glowing sphere flew back toward IDNE and was absorbed right back into his body.

    Athena: I intercepted that soul on its way to Tartarus. No easy task mind you. I wish I could be a larger part in this battle, but my spirit was heavily weakened from my stay in Tartarus. Perhaps we'll meet again.

    She vanished and IDNE again felt like himself, though a little bewildered by the Day's events.



    1) Brandonb

    2) dawh

    3) grey cells

    4) IDNE

    5) Impervious

    6) Kat

    7) Prof. Templeton

    8) SomeGuy

    9) star tiger

    10) Y-San

    Night 2 begins now. Hopefully it can end in 20 hours, but 24 is perfectly fine.

  3. Since Itachi is not on yet and I am clearly the choice to give a sacrifice, I can still change it, right?

    I realize the wisdom in choosing Mnemosyne over Hades at this time, however, Hades, you were my next choice. This is the only way to possibly gain a BTSC today and, if not, our team leader will hopefully know what happened and at least two of us who are on the same or different teams. I hope that you will continue to help me out, Hades.

    ITACHI: I want to sacrifice the same summon that I pm'ed you for Mnemosyne.

    Sorry for not being around when the Day ended, but it did end. I don't think my absence should constitute a break in the rules. 24 hours was up about 2 hours prior to this change. That being said, Day post coming right away. Sorry for the delay guys. I'm a bit annoyed that I got so busy right when this game started, but them's the breaks... :dry:

  4. clarification: assuming Zeus and Odysseus have Summonings, they and their Summonings are invincible during the age of Olympians and Titans respectively. If they have no Summonings, they are vulnerable to be killed. Essentially, those ages protect their Summonings, and if Zeus or Odysseus are targeted successfully, it defers to any Summonings they have, which in these cases, are invincible.

  5. Good work! You now have Poseidon = dawh on this BTSC Forum. I'll ask for him to get access now.

    Also, Poseidon used Athena, so let me know during the Day whether or not you want to actually stop the Sacrifice. I wrote the description with the word "may" so you may or may not ;)

  6. Night 2: An Early and Epic Showdown

    Sun setting, Zeus lowered his head in thought, contemplating the Second Night of this ludicrous and pointless insurrection. He stood in the antechamber of his Royal Palace, thinking deep and gazing down at the golden floors, looking through them as if they did not even exist. "Something is amiss. I no longer feel as if Time is moving. Perhaps this silly Age of Heroes is finally coming to a halt, though I have never felt this sensation... well not for quite a while at least. It couldn't be..."

    Cutting his thoughts short, an enormous hand exploded through the floor, shattering everything in its path. Zeus leapt backward away from the Titan's rage. It was his father! It was Cronus! Zeus concentrated all his power on keeping the Titan from ascending any farther so that only his arm had fully entered the Palace. Not one for compromise, Zeus slowly unsheathed his brilliant sword, a current of electricity running up and down the blade, and plunged it deep into Cronus' forearm. He could hear the Titan's booming howl from below. Zeus twisted the blade and put all his energy into electrocuting Cronus, who had no choice but to withdraw his arm and descend back down to the Earth. Falling, Cronus' deep voice resonated throughout the walls of the Palace.

    Cronus: Time is no longer on your side my son! I shall now send you to the time when your power was greatest: The Age of Olympians, but only to prove how weak you really are! Know this: the following Nights will only show you what you are without the power you stole from me. I am weakened, yes, but Time will forever be mine!

    Zeus looked down through the new hole in his Palace's floor as Hephaestus hesitantly entered, limping and shrank slowly down to one knee before his father.

    Hephaestus: My Lord. You c-called for me?

    Zeus: Worry not my son. I will crush Cronus once and for all this time. ...As for you. I need your skill to craft a Shield for my brother Poseidon.

    Hephaestus: Then he is indeed here with us on Olympus!?

    Zeus: Yes. And he is not difficult to find.


    The ground quaking under his massive steps, Poseidon strode over Olympus, searching for his prey. Finding Impervious standing before the gorgeous Aphrodite, Poseidon raised his Trident at his foe. Impervious could barely move, having been completely seduced by the Goddess, but his eyes were able to stray for just a moment to see the impressive Sea-God prepare to blast the ground into pieces with a shockwave from his famous three-pronged weapon. Knowing his fate was sealed, confronted by two Olympians at once, Impervious closed his eyes and waited for death to take him, but it didn't. Eyes still closed, he thought endlessly about what could possibly be transpiring.

    Slightly opening his right eye, he saw that Heracles stood behind Aphrodite with a dagger just grazing the back of her neck. He then tossed a sheet over her seductive figure and kicked her to the ground. Cracking open his left eye, he saw that Odysseus stood before Poseidon, sword and shield at the ready to take on the seemingly overwhelming Olympian all by himself. Locked in position, Impervious, Poseidon, Aphrodite (tossing the outrageous and offensive sheet off of her), Heracles and Odysseus all stared each other down, each more wary of the escalating scenario than the next, but each ready to fight at the moment's notice.

    The showdown lasted for what seemed an eternity, but it's conclusion proved uneventful and shocking as a lightning bolt sprang from the clouds overhead, split into segments and exploded the terrain between all the enemies.

    Poseidon: It seems my brother does not wish this fight to transpire. Besides (pulling his newly forged shield around from his back) with this, I'm untouchable.

    Odysseus: Care to wager on that? It may save you for a night, but you put far too much faith in it.

    Poseidon: You dare insult the work of Hephaestus? Insolence! I...

    Aphrodite: Please, no! Just stop! Zeus does not wish this and by the looks of things, most of us would incur heavy causalities. We will take our leave.

    The smoke cleared from the lightning, the ground severed between everyone. "Consider yourselves lucky. We shall indeed take our leave." Poseidon glared at Aphrodite with a look of discontent at having been ordered by a lesser God. Stomping the ground, Poseidon caused a minor quake that blew the dust back up from the battleground, shrouding their escape. Odysseus and Heracles looked at each other for a moment and parted ways, leaving Impervious alone. Sinking to his knees, he thanked the Heavens for no blood having been spilled.


    Dedicated to her decision, Kat raced to her target, but once again her world seemed to change into some sort of dreamlike environment. It wasn't natural and she had no idea where she was. She was however, surrounded by birds and not just any birds. They bore wings of brass with sharp, metallic feathers, which she soon learned could be shot at her, and quickly. One after the other she slayed them, but they seemed to be endless. Surely, killing all these birds would take all Night, but she saw no other means of escape from this dream-like prison.

    Kat: Whoever is doing this to me... is going to pay...



    1) Brandonb

    2) dawh

    3) grey cells

    4) IDNE

    5) Impervious

    6) Kat

    7) Prof. Templeton

    8) SomeGuy

    9) star tiger

    10) Y-San

    Edit: Day 2 begins now and ends 24 hours from this post

  7. Guess #1:

    1. NULLIFY_Zeus will use Ananke

    2. DO NOT NULLIFY_Diomedes will summon Cottus

    3. NULLIFY_Poseidon will Target Impervious

    Summon: Cronus

    I will cast my vote for the Era: Age of the Olympians

    Thanks man! You're the best :thumbsup: ...now just waiting on one other...

  8. If you could get your action in within 2-3 hours, it would help me out tremendously. There's no rush, only if you can do it without worry. I'm only waiting on you and one other right now. Sorry to even ask, it's just that I got super-busy right when this game started :angry: ...figures... :dry:

  9. Guesses:

    Poseidon will summon Athena

    Poseidon will target Impervious (nullify)

    Aphrodite will target BrandonB

    Summon: Hephaestus (shield, if you need me to specify)

    Target: Poseidon

    Vote: Age of the Olympians

    thanks for specifying shield, but you also need to specify who gets it. You cannot act on yourself in any way, so it must be for someone else. Basically the broad rule is that no matter how lengthy an action gets: zeus summons hephaestus to make a shield... it cannot come back to effect the original character.

  10. Of course, you are right. Ok, I will change my strategy then.

    Guess #1:

    1. NULLIFY_Zeus will use Ananke

    2. DO NOT NULLIFY_Diomedes will summon Cottus

    3. (will post later)

    Summon: Cronus

    Only accept the highlighted as final.

    Cronus has seen that Poseidon will target Impervious tonight.

  11. clarification: if multiple people attack a player successfully on any given night, that player still only has to lose 1 Summoning that night.

    edit: i think this is in the rules, but just clarifying: no player can act on themselves in any way, no matter how lengthy the action may get and this includes Summonings.

  12. so i was thinking just now about my possible night actions...for my guesses (and i'm trying to be clever here) Can i guess that poseidon will target me and it will be a save

    and that poseidon will target me and it will be a kill (nullify) ?

    no need to guess both. just that he will target you. and then you must choose whether you want to nullify the action or not. these guesses do not pertain to probabilities of actions, just the actions themselves. In this case, Poseidon targets you and then the outcome is a matter of chance.

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