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  1. How ?

    One possible scenario:  
  2. my age

  3. liar and truth-teller

    Captain Ed's solution is equally correct, but more concisely stated.
  4. Gold Bar on a Bus

    How would the man even get the gold bar to the bus, if he can only travel (with the gold bar) by bus?     
  5. three circles

    @jasen - Rotations and reflections may be considered the same for the visual layout, but not for the assignment of values to specific points. There are twelve different solutions. If one considers rotations and reflections to be pertinent, so one should one allow the eversion of this particular figure due to the placement of the points. In such case there is but one solution.
  6. three circles

  7. Marry the Princess

    Another consideration is the possibility that "Only one statement is true" is meant to refer to one statement of each of the pairs of statements. In such a case...          
  8. Marry the Princess

  9. Really?

  10. Radar clock

    In answer to you second question,