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  1. As problems #9 and #14, I admit to having made errors. Problem #12 is one of the problems that can have more than one correct answer. That is, there is more than one way of defining a stroke of a wall clock.
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    Square Free

    Appended post to previous.
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    Square Free

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    Square Free

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    Square Free

    A possible solution:
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    Square Free

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    Square Free

    Addendum: .
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    The triangle puzzle

    The two moves earlier solution:
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    Strange math problem

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    The triangle puzzle

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    16 Pawns puzzle

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    Salesman in a Square

    Correction to modified solution. (It appears I incorrectly calculated the second leg's length by failing to divide it by 2, and my approximation of the first leg also needed adjusting.)
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    Salesman in a Square

    Modified solution: