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  1. Triangle area dilemna

    It very well may be possible that a right triangle with an hypotenuse of sqrt(24) inches to have an area of 13 squared inches, yet not a Euclidean right triangle. One might consider verifying the assertion as it relates to right triangles that are hyperbolic.
  2. find last two digit

  3. 4 x 4 square table

    There are more solutions than the one given by thalia: Other solutions may (and I believe) exist.
  4. 4 x 4 square table

    Buddyboy3000, However, as of yet, I, too, have not found the arrangement of the numbers in the four by four grid.
  5. All primes

  6. Replace Letters.

    I would declare you correct that I made an err. It is likely I transcribed the incorrect results from working of the problem.
  7. Topple Tower

    One possible solution:
  8. Folding paper

    "It goes to the center every time ." -- BMAD What is not made perfectly clear is whether the center is that of the original unfolded paper, or that of the folded paper. For each fold, the center of the external shape will be located at a different point.
  9. 3D Connect the Dots

    It appears the shortest overall length of spinneret thread would be ≈ 6.196152 meters. The red lines in Plainglazed figure would each be √3/3 meters in length, the green lines would each be √3/6 meters in length, and the central yellow line would be (1 - √3/3) meters in length. This should total (3 + 9√3)/3 meters.
  10. Connect the Dots

    Euler? Euler? Euler?