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  1. MoonThirsty - the "make note of which tract" and "code" part refer to another component of a separate puzzle. It is a 15 stage series. Each one is hidden in a "Forest Tract" (a named area of public forest land in our area). There is a final cache that can only be found after finding the first 14 stages - each actual cache box has a code number inside and when you add all the numbers from all the caches together you get the location of the final. The trouble is that no one has been able to solve all of the puzzles needed to find the first 14 caches. So - the number from previous boxes won't help with this one. There is one other of the 14 that remains unsolved. Thus - no one can get to the final without this stage. And no one can solve this stage. And there isn't a clue, or a code. And the puzzle creator refuses hints as he/she thinks their puzles are solvable as is. Based on previous puzzles, I don't think that they are exceptionally bright or diabolical in their puzzle design. If it helps, the numbers should be in the area of N 44o 34.378 W 079o 38.777 Possibly only the last 6 digits of each section may be encoded as the N44 and W79 parts are assumed (as it must be within 2km of that location). Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, Sorry, yes this is a Geocache puzzle. I am trying to find hidden coordinates - either as digits or as numbers spelled out (fourty-four, etc.). Unfortunately, this isn't part of a series - so there isn't a cipher key to apply. The only other possible clue is in the title of the puzzle itself - which is "Say What?" There are no other rounds to refer back to for codes. The coordinates that Rainman posted are the "given" coordinates and they are "fake". One must find the actual coordinates by solving the puzzle. We do know that the actual coordinates are within 2km of the fake coordinates. Sadly, several of the other puzzles posted by the same puzzle creator have had flaws in their execution and/or presentation. I have solved several myself and each had errors. The puzzle creator is not forthcoming with hints and this puzzle has been unsolved since it was first published more than a year ago. I would love to be able to solve this - however, none of the paths that I have taken have resulted in anything even remotely logical. So - any and all ideas are appreciated.
  3. MPGPPITRBRJYRDREXRRBOMTRHJXRMPTODQPSPPMGPTPIIYRGYJDRROERRTBRMYRRJDRDRDRHAIPQVSMODO REDYGRUDFUEGCWAWAEBWGRUWBIUEGRGFTIKEUJBIDRIDEGYIWEWBGFMAWAUBEGFUCWCWCWIIGXITUDLWMK This is all that I have to work with. I have twisted and turned my brain inside out and have made NO progress over weeks and weeks. Is there anyone that might be able to "see" something in this and point (shove!) me in the right direction? I am looking for 10-15 numbers or words to represent numbers. This is one of those that is keeping me up at night .... With thanks!
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