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  1. How big is the ladder

    dgreening, I get the same answer as k-man
  2. They can't be odd!

    Oops... the reference to the Pythagorean Theorem is now irrelevant after making the change that DejMar noted, since 4ac being a square doesn't actually matter. I should have removed that, my mistake.
  3. They can't be odd!

  4. They can't be odd!

  5. Sequences

  6. Confetti

  7. Average Speed

  8. Can You Guess This Person's Name?

    Did she say "between Thailand and India" or "between India and Thailand"? If the latter, then it may refer to it alphabetically instead of geographically. Or perhaps both.
  9. Maggie Mathematical has five sons.

  10. Slicing a Pizza Randomly

    The cuts are random, not necessarily maximizing number of slices. Otherwise you'd be correct. Oh damn, good point.
  11. Slicing a Pizza Randomly

  12. how long until noon?

  13. The Classic Moat Problem