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  1. Spin the bottle (no kissing involved)

    My first thought was like Capt Ed. BUT thinking about it some more.
  2. gambling strategy

    No dispute here.
  3. Precision Dornicks

    Aha! I just didn't follow the same process through to get the supper precision devices! Thanks
  4. gambling strategy

    yes, if you [and the house] are willing to bet micro, nano or pico dollars, then the game can go on forever. But your money is gone, so it is theoretically correct, but not very practical.    
  5. Precision Dornicks

    An answer for part 1
  6. Code needs testing.

    Perhaps some more description of the task would help. What is the context for this question??  
  7. gambling strategy

    Now I am confused. I think I followed the strategy you described yesterday, when you postulated that it would deliver 100% chance of winning. But, now your simulation it gives you a 50% chance of winning.   Did I miss something??
  8. gambling strategy

    I was working on the strategy that you describe: Bet half my money [rounded to an integer]; orbet the "ceiling" [twice my original money - Current money].Testing this in a spread sheet [with only about 100 trials] I am winning about 62% of the time.
  9. Serial numbers...but!

    The hint about primary numbers did not help, but I noticed a pattern
  10. How big is the ladder

  11. How big is the ladder

    I would be interested in how you calculated your answer. I came up with something slightly different
  12. Maths Teaser

  13. Maths Teaser

    If we assume that all 1000 bottles might be used ... one approach
  14. Dice Game

    Maybe I am looking at this too simplistically
  15. Badminton