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  1. You and five other US spies are in holding cells awaiting execution by the Taliban. You got caught because one of your group members is a traitor, but you still don't know who the traitor is. If you know the identity of the traitor, it will give you enough information to hack the security system and escape, but you have to be careful. If you're wrong, the alarm will go off and all of you will be instantly executed. Luckily, the five other prisoners each have phones (no speakerphones) and you have a list of three phone numbers. Two of them call US bases who know the name of the traitor. The other calls a former US base that was infiltrated by the Taliban who could say anything (even changing what they say). You have enough time to make two rounds of calls, and have enough batteries (that can be passed between the cells) to make six total calls. How can you pull it off?
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