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  1. Anyone else want to play? 1. Flamebirde 2. 3. 4.
  2. marksmanjay


    1. 2. Slick 3. Flamebirde 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Jay 8, my lucky number, wasn't on the list. So I put it on.
  3. Congrats on 1000 posts! For some reason I can't edit that post. Anyways, I've decided to change it to 12 minigames instead of 8: 4 of each type. Also, the 3v1 type was inspired from Mario Party...
  4. NOTE: Can someone think of a catchy name for this? Partially inspired by Mao, and also by Running Man. So basically this is how this is going to work: You will play a series of (multiplayer, obviously) minigames. The winner will receive a (pretend) money prize. There will be 3 types of minigames: Free for all (FFA): No teams, everyone is trying to win on their own. Prize: $100 Teams (2V2): Two teams of two compete for the prize, split equally between both team members. Prize for each team member: $75 Outnumbered (3V1): A single player (referred to as Solo), with a different role from the others, tries to achieve his own objective, while the other three players try to prevent him from doing so. Prize for Solo: $200; Prize for the others: $50 Example minigames: (FFA) Smiley Search: find [#] of [some smiley] smileys in the [subforum name] subforum. (2V2) Code Caper: Post the message that was PMed to you on this thread, and your unknown partner must decode it before the enemy team does. Whichever team decodes either message first wins. (3V1) Aphasia: Three people must hold up a conversation about , but you are not allowed to use the word or phrase that was PMed to you. Solo gets 3 guesses to the word/phrase. But there's a twist (whaddaya know...): One of the teams (1-person teams in FFA or 3V1 can be considered as teams) or one player will have a secret objective, and if they complete the objective, they get an extra $200! But if anyone else finds out what their objective is, then the $200 goes to that person. If no one guesses the objective and it isn't completed by the person, then no one gets bonus money. This is supposed to be the main point of the game. Example objectives: (FFA) Smiley Search: Ask for help from another player and get them to tell you where 1 smiley is. (2V2) Code Caper: Include the phrase [weird phrase, like "funky monkey"] in a guess. (3V1) Aphasia: Your must guess the word/phrase on your last guess. The person with the most money at the end of 8 rounds wins. (Maybe more or less than 8, what do you think?) Who's in? 1. 2. 3. 4.
  5. marksmanjay


    I'll play one. P.S. BUMP...
  6. marksmanjay

    Newbie Mafia

    I'll play a newbie mafia game, if someone is willing to start one up (Aura?). It'll be my 3rd game, so I won't EXACTLY be a newbie, but I guess that's fine. Haven't played one in, I dunno, half a year, maybe?
  7. 1. Flamebirde 2. MikeD 3. 4. 5. Marksmanjay 6. 7. 8. Brainiac100 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. TwoaDay 14. 15. 16. Hirkala 17. Panther 18. 19. mboon Backup: 1. 2. Looks neat, haven't read all of it, but I'm in. Also, NO BRAINY YOU TOOK MY LUCKY NUMBER...
  8. nvrmind. just found the links on page 20.
  9. hello everyone I've had internet problems. haven't had time to look over the previous pages yet, but could someone please link me to the day/night posts? thanks
  10. my excuse is that im on summer vacation in china... think that is enough. also, I'll be home in three or so days.
  11. marksmanjay


    Suggestion: Maybe publish troop positions after a round is over?
  12. BrainIAC: Y-san Roster: 1) Hirkala 2) marquessa 3) curr3nt 4) Molly Mae 5) Yodell 6) 7) Panther 8) Framm 9) MikeD 10) nana77 11) 12) jay 13) Flamebirde 14) 15) benjer3 Back-ups: 1) Brainiac100 2) LJ Wow. Shameless but effective
  13. Hello, here's an idea: Alice & Bob Mafia, using some of the characters mentioned here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_and_Bob#List_of_characters Of course, I won't host it, because I've only played 2 mafia games so far (and lost both ) but someone else could host it and i could help come up with the roles and rules.
  14. Good game everyone! Hope to see you in another mafia game!
  15. I'm inactive because I am... not home. I would rather not tell where, for real-world privacy reasons. I will tell you that I'm in a very different timezone, and that I'm not going to be home until sometime after this mafia game ends. But it's mostly because I can't get on internet most of the time, and when I do, it's usually on and off, and almost always cuts me off. In fact, I'll be happy if this gets through. Edit: Wow. it got through.
  16. Won't have access to the internet until Saturday night.
  17. Host: Aaryan 1. marksmanjay - voting for Flamebird 2. MiKi 3. psykomakia - Trapped by Monopoly 4. MikeD - voting for mboon 5. gvg-MiKi 6. EDM - voting for gvg 7. Flamebirde - voting for gvg 8. mew 9. Molly Mae - Trapped by Chess 10. Hidden G - voting for EDM 11. mboon - voting for Flamebird 12. TheCube - voting for MiKi Agreed
  18. Hey, Narnia mafia people! second mafia game... Edit: Oh yeah, c xon fdiurfnmiunjhg (confirming typed with elbows )
  19. marksmanjay

    Board Game Mafia

    Host: Aaryan 1. marksmanjay - nickname: jay 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. I think it's an interesting idea. This will be my second mafia game
  20. Brainy, why did you block my save... Oh well. I saved the wrong person anyways. And, Thanks for a great game, everyone! Hope to see you on another Mafia game!
  21. It was mostly a bandwagon, and I looked at the previous conversations between them and I thought brainy looked more suspicious. Hey, go easy...
  22. P.S. OR PSYKO They both baddie. So who's left? 2. EDM 3. MikeD - baddie 5. Brainy - goodie (edmund) 7. mboon 8. marksmanjay - goodie 9. psykomakia - baddie I'm guessing EDM is the other baddie, cuz he voted for brainy instead of mike, and gave a doubtable (don't think that's a word) reason: So we have: 2. EDM - baddie 3. MikeD - baddie 5. Brainy - goodie 7. mboon - goodie 8. marksmanjay - goodie 9. psykomakia - baddie I don't think psyko or MikeD is WW, because they post here too much. EDM might be. Wow. I just realized that I said: Vote for MikeD Or psyko. But now that I think about it, psyko might be WW. though he posts a lot, most of them don't seem to give away anything. At this point, I'm pretty certain that psyko is WW. WOW I CHANGE MY MIND A LOT
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