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  1. OK, now how can we be sure that psyko is a baddie? What was the action that that was implying? I'm not sure if the hosts are allowed to tell us, though. P.S. LYNCH MIKED
  2. Hosts: flamebirde and Thalia Supervisor: MiKi 2. EDM 3. MikeD - voting for Brainy 4. gvg 5. Brainy - voting for MikeD 7. mboon - voting for MikeD 8. marksmanjay - voting for Brainy 9. psykomakia - voting for marksmanjay DEAD: 10. Yodell- Turned to stone by The White Witch - N1 6. TheCube- killed on D1- revealed to be Susan Pevensie 1. mewminator- Turned to stone by The White Witch - N2
  3. So that means my action got blocked, right? I'm guessing it was random because I haven't really contributed anything at this point. Or the baddies think I'm keeping quiet for a reason. I think it's this one, but I myself don't know what reason... Or they know or think I have some night action that might interfere with there kills or stuff, like save.
  4. sorry for not voting... so busy
  5. confirming, whatever that means.
  6. Still a kid, but: English - Good vocabulary, great (not to brag) grammar/spelling checker Math - I do math higher than my current grade. Computer - Basic programming skills using Python, quick to figure out ones like Lua, but unfortunately no experience with C/C++/etc. Also basic web design (HTML/CSS/JS)
  7. Nice one. Just solved it: By the way, if you read between these lines, (23.6, 3.5, 47.2, 71.1, 82.2, 88.1, 107.1) A compliment you will find.
  8. YESSS SHAKESPEARE! (and white text ftw)
  9. marksmanjay

    Newbie Mafia

    I don't really have one. Some people call me mark, or jay. I kinda prefer jay. Also, I have a few friends who like logic, puzzles, and mafia, so I'll probably show them this site and the mafia forum.
  10. marksmanjay

    Newbie Mafia

    Hosts: Thalia and flamebirde with MiKi supervising Please include time zones if you don't mind. Players: 1. mewminator (only if mafia starts june 14 or later) 2. Cavenglok EDT 3. MikeD GMT+3 4. gvg EDT 5. Brainy EDT 6. TheCube EDT 7. mboon CST (GMT -6) 8. marksmanjay EDT 9. 10. yodell GMT+2 (EEST) Count me in! lol I signed up on Brainden forums just for mafia! EDIT: forgot to include the backups and mentors spoiler
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