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  1. Hooray! We only need 4 players, so let's begin! Host: Marksmanjay 1. Flamebirde 2. Slick 3. Kikacat123 4. Panther Minigame I: Locked Doors Each person has a (virtual) door that they need to unlock. They are locked with 4-digit combination locks. The combinations are scattered around the Brainden forums. The person who's door they unlock is not stated. Each person knows the location of 1 combination that is not their own, but not who it belongs to. The first person to 'enter' the correct combination of their door (through PM) wins $100. BTSC (Behind-the-Scenes Contact) is allowed, but please invite me to them . The PMs will be sent out shortly following this post. Good luck and Have fun!
  2. marksmanjay

    Newbie Mafia

    Principals: Auramyna & Brainiac100 1. Flamebirde 2. nana77 3. 4. 5. TheCube 6. 7. Minato 8. marksmanjay 9. 10.Yodell 11. Backups 1. plasmid
  3. Ah, I must have missed that part about the $100mil limit. So would Alice put the $50mil in the neutral 'third territory' bank? And would Bob's confiscated money also be put there, or would it be returned to the opponent's bank so that he can try to smuggle it again?
  4. Bump Again. Host: Marksmanjay 1. Flamebirde 2. Slick 3. 4.
  5. A few questions: Firstly, can you smuggle teammates' money as well as your own? Or is the whole $600mil deposited in one single account in the other team's territory, in which case this doesn't apply? Related to that, do you put all the captured money in a separate account in same bank as the opponent's withheld money? Does it look like this: NORTH BANK: Account "Panther": $0 Account "Phil": $0 Account "Flame": $0 Account "Framm": $200mil Account "Brainy": $200mil Account "Jay": $200mil SOUTH BANK: Account "Panther": $200mil Account "Phil": $200mil Account "Flame": $200mil Account "Framm": $0 Account "Brainy": $0 Account "Jay": $0 Second, does each player on one team inspect each player on the other team (i.e. a total of 3 calls for each player on each team)? Or does the whole team decide what to say for each opposing player (just 1 call)? Also: This is a bit confusing. Can we get an example? Let's say we have players Alice, Bob, and Chris, all on team North. Alice is not smuggling, Bob is smuggling $100, and Chris is smuggling $200. They are all inspected as "DOUBT 100", so points i., ii., and iii., apply to each respectively. What would happen for each player? The most confusing bit is WHERE the money gets deposited in each situation, so could you please use the player's name and the bank's location when referring to the accounts? As in "South bank account Alice" for Alice's account in the opponent's territory. Sorry for all the questions, maybe I'm just slow.
  6. Liar Game BD Round 4 North Team: 1. Panther 2. Phil 3. Flamebirde 4. ... South Team: 1. Framm 2. Brainiac100 3. Jay 4.
  7. bump? Anyone want to give it a shot?
  8. marksmanjay


    1. 2. Slick 3. Flamebirde 4. EDM 5. TheCube 6. 7. 8. Jay
  9. marksmanjay

    One Up Me

    Nope, it's you're. Unless that was the joke, in which case I applaud you! Voting is open for another day until I declare a winner. I have never been so self-conscious writing a forum post until now. You should have written,
  10. Liar Game BD Round 3 That is how we do it, right?
  11. No, it means you can votes you obtained through the voting rounds. I.e. if it is voting round 6 and you currently have 30 votes and [GenericName] has 20 you may give 2 votes to him and you will have 28 and he will have 22. You may choose not to use all 4 votes. You will lose unused votes. Alright, thanks.
  12. also, am I allowed to not use all 4 votes? Edit: Would I then be able to use the unused ones next voting round?
  13. To clarify, by "give votes" do you mean that, say, I could give 2 votes to [GenericName] and he then has 6 votes to use and I have 2?
  14. marksmanjay

    One Up Me

    U no ur not a gramer nazi wen u dont evn undrstd wat u rite
  15. Is it because the well-known Salvador Dali is the younger brother? As in Salvador Dali Jr.?
  16. Bump... Host: Marksmanjay 1. Flamebirde 2. Slick 3. 4.
  17. marksmanjay

    One Up Me

    Well, I guess flamebirde is the winner, because (insert witty reason here).
  18. marksmanjay

    One Up Me

    lol. When am I supposed to announce the winner?
  19. oops, forgot to get position in in time. Oh well. Liar Game BD Round 3 1. Jay 2. 3. 4.
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