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    would you settle for a swift gelding?
  2. 'It seems to me, the warnings clear From this subject, we should veer'
  3. I get the same results as Potok. Took me a lot longer to get there tho Well done again man.
  4. Firstly,hope that the mittens quip came across as was meant, a bit of fun. Sorry if it didn't. Second a question... Can the orientation of the revealed cards be changed, to convey information to the guessing logician?
  5. [spoiler=' ?Can the hand used to reveal the suite be changed '] Agree that a particular orientation means red suit and the other means black suit. After a guess is made the hand used to turn the card indicates the suit of nex cardt, say left hand is club/heart and right is diamond/spade. Opening gambit could be signalled by an open palm gesture left/right as above. Think this would work with mittens on too.
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