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  1. flamebirde

    sure! I'll have some experience then.
  2. true. but we haven't even gone through night one yet. so you have no proof, and no incriminating evidence. good luck trying to lynch me day one with no evidence.
  3. flamebirde

    One Up Me

    the funny thing about dying is that it is actually not very funny.
  4. flamebirde

    well, if you think about it, then you are traveling through time right now. you're traveling at the speed of 1 second per 1 second. so, simply put, mankind has always traveled through time.
  5. flamebirde

    oh, crap... I just got p.med my role in TMM4, so I don't think that I can do looney tunes mafia this time round. unless... does looney tunes start after TMM4?
  6. okay, this is war. go goodies!
  7. flamebirde

    Lead Writer: curr3nt Lead Animator: araver 1. Aaryan 2. Hirkala 3. Molly Mae 4. Anon26 5. KlueMaster 6. Peace*out 7. Aura 8. flamebirde 9. A. B. C. TheCube D. YoDell E. F. maurice G. Back-ups 1. Thalia 2. 3. okay, I'm ready to go! I was going to play newbie mafia( at least I think that's what its called) but someone said that it won't be starting to this mafia is done. sorry, I haven't have the time to read through 5 pages of various clearups, so is there any difference between letters and numbers on the rooster?
  8. flamebirde

    well, the first one's a piece of cake. the answer is...
  9. flamebirde

    Newbie Mafia

    sorry, I screwed up the dates. I'm barely able to get internet, and so I'll be back on the 17th don't start without me!!!!! Thankz.
  10. flamebirde

    One Up Me

    okay, I guess Maurice gets this round. It's all yours!
  11. flamebirde

    Newbie Mafia

    Newbie Mafia Sign ups 1.Hidden G 2.flamebirde- ready to go on the 16th 3.Jane Doe23 4.good22 EDIT: I'm a junior member now!
  12. flamebirde

    One Up Me

    oh, thanks, MM. his heart was jelly...
  13. Okayyyyy..... this is turning out to be weird but oddly amusing. I'm guessing that some of you have at least heard of the final countdown?
  14. flamebirde

    One Up Me

    ... racing away from mine.
  15. hmm... okay, then I guess I'm asking what is your favorite song?
  16. pepper, beauty, sea- bell? wind, shoulder, ice
  17. flamebirde

    One Up Me

    he's like a rock, stuck before a guy and a hard place.
  18. flamebirde

    wow, sounds fun, but I'm going to be gone for a bit. if there are still spots for this after the 16thof june, sign me up!
  19. flamebirde

    Newbie Mafia

    I forgot to mention, I'm available after the 16th of june. but only after the 16th, and maybe the 17th too.
  20. flamebirde


    um... how long is this going to take? I'm going to be leaving pretty soon but if it takes like 2 days sign me up.
  21. flamebirde

    well, if I remember right, then the Ancient Egyptians thought that the reflection in the mirror signified your spirit. So, if you broke a mirror, then you broke your spirit.
  22. Wait... since when did having a theme song mean that the site sucks?
  23. flamebirde


    CHORE so, s as the first letter can't be right. neither can l or f be the second letter. o or t can't be the third letter, o,e,and t can't be the fourth letter, so I'm basically saying that r in the fourth slot is right.
  24. flamebirde

    wow, that's really descriptive. I wish I could have the same eloquence with words and religion.
  25. So, I was just wondering, does brainden have an official theme song? If not, then we should come up with one.
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