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  1. Here's the story: Once upon a time, a stupid kid by the name of TheCube was thinking, "HEY! Let's use my action to redirect Mikey to Yodell!" He saw what he had done and he knew what was right in voting for Mikey due to what stupid idiotic action that TheCube did. The End! Yea, that's basically what happened.
  2. I don't wanna say the answer to this, cause I might out myself. but . . . yea
  3. TheCube

    Music Mania

    You have lost Too much love To fear, doubt and distrust (It's not enough) You just threw away the key To your heart You don't get burned ('Cause nothing gets through) It makes it easier (Easier on you) But that much more difficult for me To make you see... Love ain't fair So there you are My love
  4. TheCube

    Music Mania

    Easy! Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence
  5. TheCube

    Music Mania

    You're up!
  6. hopefully yo don't all turn on me while I am gone. Me and my big sister have to do help my Dad help my grandpa with their stove.
  7. Well, to say the action i did to believe (and honestly know) that you are a baddie would basically out me.
  8. Mikey, I have 2 questions: 1. Not to be rude, but why do you think that I am a baddie? And 2. If you think that I am a baddie, why didn't you vote for me?
  9. Not really, because my vote is locked on him sorry for so many posts.
  11. Hosts: flamebirde and Thalia (with MiKi supervising) 1. mewminator 2. EDM 3. MikeD 4. gvg 5. Brainy 6. TheCube - voting for MikeD 7. mboon 8. marksmanjay 9. psykomakia 10. Yodell- Turned to stone by The White Witch I did something stupid and from the results we have, Mikey is a baddie.
  12. TheCube

    Sum It Up

    (21)(8*5 + (13 - 3*2)) = 987
  13. I would use the bacon one that dyal suggested A LOT!!
  14. when all the top sites that I visit all involve the word brainden or mafiamaniac
  15. confirmating I am doing now mom so SHUT UP!!!! wait . . . how did I type what I just said THAT FAST? anyways confirming and this should be interesting since I am already playing another mafia on MafiaManiac.net SPONSOR!!!
  16. TheCube

    Sum It Up

    no, you got the most numbers in the equation you should go. Hey, should we count if all numbers are used?
  17. TheCube

    Lord of Combat II

    1. No, so . . . 2. is No
  18. TheCube

    Sum It Up

    (54 - (4-3)) x 9 = 477 dang it, curr3nt!!! ^ edit
  19. TheCube

    Sum It Up

    i say 2 random 2 digits and 4 random 1 digits if thats fine.
  20. TheCube

    Sum It Up

    861 = (193 + 56/2)(4) - 23
  21. brainy has 15625000000 mikey has 100000000 brainy is up
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