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  1. Any moderator reading this, please help me out, i am trying to Mark Solved multiple answers but now i cannot mark any of the answers as solved.
  2. Thanks guys...Analogoy by Bonanva really helped understanding the answer of king of pain. Best Regards to All.
  3. Hi, I once read over the internet a question like: You have a knife which is very sharp and a rope of unifoirm length, with a single cut what is the probability that the rope is cut exactly from half. The who gave the answer 1/3 had the logic that there are only three possibilities of this experiment after the cut. 1. Left peice is bigger 2. right peice is bigger 3. left peice = right peice so the probability he calculated is 1/3. When i discussed with some of my friends they were not convinced on this answer, arguing that this type of experiment can have infinite possibilities. Can someone please help and explain the correct answer if it exist at all. Regards
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