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  1. Any moderator reading this, please help me out, i am trying to Mark Solved multiple answers but now i cannot mark any of the answers as solved.
  2. Thanks guys...Analogoy by Bonanva really helped understanding the answer of king of pain. Best Regards to All.
  3. Hi, I once read over the internet a question like: You have a knife which is very sharp and a rope of unifoirm length, with a single cut what is the probability that the rope is cut exactly from half. The who gave the answer 1/3 had the logic that there are only three possibilities of this experiment after the cut. 1. Left peice is bigger 2. right peice is bigger 3. left peice = right peice so the probability he calculated is 1/3. When i discussed with some of my friends they were not convinced on this answer, arguing that this type of experiment can have infinite possibil
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