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  1. I accidentally broke a rule in the haiku. I suppose that's grounds for an explanation: It is a part of speech. I said "speak" while no one had mentioned it yet.
  2. Granted. You sell an average of 1 piece a year because the price of each piece is $300,000,000-$2,000,000,000.
  3. No. It does have something to do with sound though.
  4. Thou shall not see it For it is not here, though 'tis. Speak ye, and answer.
  5. "We look alike and have equal power but different minds." That good? I wish rookie1ja or a moderator would grant this wish.
  6. Granted, the world is overrun with trees that grow every type of food imaginable, even growing out of the oceans and covering nearly the entire world. The sudden and severe rise in the oxygen level poisons all living animals, including humans, which die almost immediately. I wish to be the most powerful being in all existence.
  7. Granted. When you reverse the actions of a genie, your body will mutate from the amount of required energy to reverse a genie's actions. And you just reversed my morning workout. Enjoy that poodle fur. I wish for the ability to mutate my body at will. Not painfully, and exactly how I want it. Actually, I'd be immortal. So instead of killing me they'd probably send me to the underworld. Or Tartarus. Or send me on some epic journey to see if I'm worthy of joining their ranks. Or find some other punishment.
  8. 1. 0-19 Newbie, 20-99 Junior,100-499 Advanced, 500+ Senior. 2. Those four plus VIP, Moderator, and Admin. (I think that's it) 3. VIPs I cannot recall too much about. I think they are only comprised of people who joined up before a certain date. (not sure) 4/5. Stars are the members rating, similar to movie, hotel or restaurant ratings. You can rate other members on their profile page. The stars shown is their average rating.
  9. It doesn't matter who grants it. It's the drink of the gods, Ambrosia/Nectar. EDIT: It was brought to Olympus by doves. Dove=Peace
  10. Said person then wishes KK 1000 years back in time to continue being abused by folks on the Evil Genies thread. I wish for the liquid gold that the gods drink, that which all, with nevar same tastes, may enjoy as poured from the same pitcher. That which may reverse mine bodily time, and transcends those who drink it, and brought forth on the wings of those who deliver peace.
  11. Granted. That accomplished nothing. I wish to be King of the Pirates!
  12. You are, in all probability, exposed to it every day. It is not air.
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