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  1. I should have been giving my votes away to the highest bidder, but just not that mean. Anyways I will be selling my votes this coming round if people want them.
  2. If anyone wants to negotiate future rounds and voting I am willing to listen.
  3. Liar Game BD Round 3 1. Jay 2. Framm 3. 4.
  4. Sorry it didn't work out. Can we get the rules since it does seem dead?
  5. Doubt it, I don't know the cycle, and don't think that it is my turn anyways.
  6. I like knowing what is coming up in regards to the challenges, at least what the challenge is going to be based off of. Not that it gives me any sort of advantage whatsoever.
  7. Liar Game BD Second Round roster: 1.Framm 2. 3. 4. ...
  8. Miscellaneous as the Sub-forum. (Games if I have to narrow it down.)
  9. Mind helping me out then?
  10. 7C *waits for two more cards...*
  11. Liar Game BD First Round Roster: 1. Panther 2. Brainy 3. Phil1882 4. MollyMae 5. Framm 6. 7. ... I love Liar Game. Also how many rounds do you have planned?
  12. So we are still trying to figure out who goes after Brainy correct?
  13. moderator: phil1882 sign ups: player 1: Framm player 2: player 3: player 4: player 5:
  14. Cut the 14 day deadline down and I would be willing to give it a try. That just seems like a long time to wait and will kill the game if someone does go inactive.
  15. Framm 18


    I doubt that that is it, but first thing I thought of. How have you been?
  16. Not this time, I might need to rework the first line a bit though...
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