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  1. Add my vote to Yodell please. On phone. As far as this lynch, if we can't lynch the instigator a kill would probably be the second best to get rid of. Edit: Randomly voting.
  2. Looking forward to being part of this experiment and seeing how it plays out.
  3. "I am ready to go." Framm said testing out the weight and feel of the weapon. OOC: At the thought of an octopus using a whip.
  4. "Let's go to the Dolphins" Framm said.
  5. Framm waits for everyone to get into position and tells them that they need to swim as fast as possible as soon as they place the crystals and that he will take up.the rear of the group just in case something goes wrong.
  6. As he was following the runner, Framm whispered to Flame when we get there watch out for anything out of the ordinary and be ready to swim your heart out when the charges are set.
  7. "How would we go about setting off the Volcano if we did try that option?" Framm asked curiously.
  8. OOC: Still around... Framm follows behind everyone, observing the refuge camp.
  9. What role a player is. Which could still come in handy at least for finding out who the instigator(?) Is.
  10. Framm swam towards the Manta Core (couldn't resist ), "What were those things and is there anything we can do to help y'all out?" Framm whispered loud enough so the Manta rays could hear.
  11. Sounds like the civilian group in Cut-Throat. :whistle: O:)
  12. Please add me to the list and I assume that spies receive a Mafia/villager report correct?
  13. Framm grabs Miki and starts to pull backwards motioning towards the rest to try and get the monster to release Miki('s rump ).
  14. "Shut up." Framm whispers harshly. Framm starts to swim towards the largest building.
  15. Fine by me, we just need to hurry up and finish this quest. Framm said anxious to start.
  16. OOC: 3 down, 3 to go? Where is the closest kingdom that we still need to assist, Framm asked.
  17. *Bump* OOC: It was Framm not Panther who killed the Beast.
  18. *catching his breath* Big..... Heavy.... Rocks.... Framm said panting.
  19. Framm looked for something to hit the bulge on the back of the creature's head. As he was looking he noticed a boulder resting on a ledge behind the creature. He tried to push it onto the creature. "Hope this works." Framm thought to himself.
  20. OOC: Sound travels through water... Whale songs?
  21. Hey dD been awhile. How have you been?
  22. Framm said "Let me give it a shot." As he said that he used his camouflage and swam towards the back of the Dranaga's head.
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