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  1. OOC: Mickey: Way to ignore Framm...
  2. "So what do you think it is MiKi?" Framm asked hoping that it wasn't what he thought it was.
  3. "I would be willing to stay and be a lookout." Framm said as he flickered a multitude of colors.
  4. I am fine with that, just be careful when we get there.
  5. "My name is Framm, your highness. It is a pleasure to meet you." Framm said with a bow.
  6. Framm follows beside Flame. Interested to see what is about to happen.
  7. Framm looks at the others and shrugs. Then he follows the sentry.
  8. Framm was swimming around getting some fresh air after being in with the large group of people. He saw the others swimming around, and decided that he would follow but be quiet while doing so.
  9. After watching the races for a little bit, Framm started to feel slightly claustrophobic. "I be back later" Framm whispered to MiKi. "Don't worry about me, I just need to get away from the crowd for a bit."
  10. "Thanks, but I think that I will stay back a little bit. I'm not a big fan of being front and center at celebrations. Sorry." Framm replied with a frown. OOC: Is it okay if I turn to a first person view?
  11. Framm followed closely behind, even though he is falling asleep as he swims. "Is it alright if I put this Medal of Valor in your bag Miki?" Framm asked.
  12. Framm took the books from Miki and shows them to the General. "We found these books that we think might be of some help in getting the Hippos the food that they need."
  13. Framm decides to try and camo over to the General, but due to no rest, isn't able to hold the camo. He tries to get closer to the general of the Hippos. However the guards try to restrain him from getting close to him.
  14. "We need to look at the Hippos Agriculture and maybe the Dolphins Business sections" Framm suggested.
  15. OOC: I apparently misread the post about a dog... Framm gets close to the spiders and releases an explosion of ink to aid in the disorienting the spiders. And then proceeded to strangle one of the spiders.
  16. Framm turned to his camouflage to get close to the doglike creature and see if he couldn't try to change its mind on attacking.
  17. Framm was swimming alongside the group anxious to see what would be awaiting them when they got there.
  18. OOC: Yes, just been busy. Framm looked at the map and asked who wanted to go with him.
  19. OOC: Sorry have had a busy weekend. We need to locate the ancient Library to find a way to stop the war between the Dolphins and the Hippos. Do you happen to know where we can find it?" Framm asked.
  20. "I think that we need to get going towards the Library. We don't have any time to lose." Framm said in an urgent tone.
  21. "Then I will be back in three days to prevent the destruction of both nations." Framm said. Then he swam off hurriedly to tell the group of his new found information.
  22. "Where is this Library? And how long can you delay the war so that me and my companions can do something to prevent this unnecessary war?" Framm asked. OOC: Unless the Dolphins mentioned something about the Library, I don't think that you would know about it yet.
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