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  1. "Is there a way to prevent the war and still get the food source that your people need?" Framm asked. "I am willing to try to do anything that will prevent the destruction of innocent lives on both sides of the war."
  2. Framm decided that this would be a good time to announce his presence to the General. "Hello General." Framm said with a bow. "I am here to ask you a question about this war. *noting the look on his face* It doesn't seem that you are sure that this war is a good thing." "I am here to try and bring peace to all of the nations. The world depends on this." Framm said.
  3. Framm decided that he would light on the shoulder of the Hippo that was barking orders and let him do the walking. While he continued to survey the surroundings.
  4. Framm looked for the Hippo that looked as if he was in charge. "This looks like it could be trouble if I get discovered or fail, I need to make sure that I can convince the Hippo in charge to change his mind in this matter." Framm thought to himself. OOC: At the image of Hippos with horns. Which I originally read as horn not horns.
  5. OOC: Am I the Hippo line yet?
  6. "I understand your Highness, but doing this isn't just for the dolphins but the entire world." Framm said with a bow and moving backwards. "If this fails, y'all need to go get the shells." Framm said to the rest of his companions. Framm started to swim towards the Hippos while attempting to blend in with background.
  7. "Octopus." Framm said with a glare. "I am not sure if I would be able to hid you as well as myself."
  8. "Do y'all want me to sneak over to the Hippos and see if I can't find out why they are attacking the Dolphins? Along with trying to find a way to get them to stop the attack." Framm asked.
  9. OOC: Could I theoretically sneak (using my blending skills) near the Hippo King(?) and try and convince him to stop the war?
  10. "Where are these Shells located your highness." Framm asked with a bow.
  11. "Flame, Dolphins aren't fish, they are mammals." Framm said with a huff and shake of his head. "Anyways, I agree that leaving fish would be a good thing." OOC: There are Dolphinfish. *whistle*
  12. *hmm* I wonder if Purple Squirrel tastes like... Ok, I am leaving now.
  13. Still attached to Flame, Framm agrees with the need to go talk to Cara, asap.
  14. *Framm looked around the kingdom to gather information about it.*
  15. *Framm nods his head as best as a Octopus can nod.*
  16. "Humph, I am if I feel that you can be trusted." Framm said as he blended in with the shark. "So what is the aim of this "game" and what do y'all think that light could be?" Framm said quietly.
  17. Framm spends a minute coordinating his movement, before swimming over towards the group and landing silently on the back of the shark.
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