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  1. Hellooooo!!! :D :D :D

  2. EDM


    I made chutney out of Panther's poem...
  3. Again...lemme remind you that...eh, nvm... Ok, back to work...*runs off to Narnia*...
  4. EDM

    Going to a Party

    Brainy is correct...it's a funeral...just general funeral, coz even women wear suits... Ok, so it's your turn...unless you want Cubie to demonstrate...
  5. Oh, & Lia...sorry about the thing with the extra Edmund rule...I didn't read his role clearly... Edit: Brainy, I guessed that you may be Edmund...it was just a guess...& your posts got me paranoid...but psyko wanted to powerplay me & redirect you to mew...however, I guessed that mew is more deadly than you (got confirmed only now... ), & it would be easier to redirect you (who is also deadly), to mboon... *Edit again: Oh, & N1 target was COMPLETELY RANDOM!!! Plus, I like confusing brains... **Last edit: I didn't explain this to my people earlier, coz I was too b
  6. Yeah, I've been in your place before...it was brilliant...& not even my idea... I would just like to mention that psykomakia & MikeD were BOTH brilliant during the entire game...I did absolutely nothing!!! If you don't believe me, Lia (Thalia) will show you the Baddie BTSC Thread...they did everything!!! (I was busy with college... ) If you're gonna choose an MVP, I suggest either psyko or Mike...only because they did everything on their own & thought & re-thought everything beore making their move...with such logic, how do you expect me to say no to them powerplaying m
  7. EDM


    I'm sending BOTH versions to the next one; my Smiley Bro is a GENIUS!!! :D
  8. EDM

    One Up Me

    As long as I'm alive...I'll LIVE!!! *Unless it's mafia & I get NKd or lynched... **Oh, wait...I'm still alive at the end!!! :D
  9. Actually, it makes perfect sense coz I don't vote a lot for a person who has majority unless there is solid proof that I can see...ask the hosts; they'll tell you... But I'm certain now that Mike is a baddie...& Aslan/gvg's gone!!!... I do hope that Edmund will kill the WW...looks like we know who it is (Mike )... *hopes for a good night...*
  10. Ok, so MiKi introduced me...she's such a sweet sis... Of course, our 'family' of BDenners are AWESOME!!! But you already know that... Well, there isn't much I say in posts...but in chat, fb, gtalk, etc...yeah, I over-talk... ENJOY!!! :D
  11. Now I know why Einstein adorns your avatar...
  12. Hosts: flamebirde and Thalia Supervisor: MiKi 2. EDM - voting for Brainy 3. MikeD - voting for Brainy 4. gvg - voting for MikeD 5. Brainy - voting for MikeD 7. mboon - voting for MikeD 8. marksmanjay - voting for Brainy 9. psykomakia - voting for MikeD DEAD: 10. Yodell- Turned to stone by The White Witch - N1 6. TheCube- killed on D1- revealed to be Susan Pevensie 1. mewminator- Turned to stone by The White Witch - N2 Ok, now I read this & I'm still not sure what to say...as far as i know, both Brainy & Mike seem suspicious...I'm putting my vote on Brainy coz I'm s
  13. Hi Raven!!! I'm EDM... I love smileys & I just wanted to (WARM)ly WELCOME you BACK TO BD!!! :D My honourary sis, MiKi, will do the honours again, later... Well, I hope to see you here mingling with us 'newbies' more often... ENJOY!!! :D *oops, MiKi already posted...Ok, I'll come online tomorrow & post a big welcome...
  14. EDM

    Going to a Party

    Yes: suit rock veil Maybe: belt (for the suit) ring (usually) diamond ice No: penguin clown chimpanzee chips & soda pizza cake black hole I'll continue this; it's too simple...
  15. EDM

    One Up Me

    His legs were like rubber...that's why, he made great tyres for fabpig's car...[You owe me $5 for that, fabby]...
  16. Hosts: flamebirde and Thalia (with MiKi supervising) 1. mewminator- voting for MikeD 2. EDM - voting for TheCube 3. MikeD - voting for gvg 4. gvg - voting for TheCube 5. Brainy - voting for mboon 6. TheCube - voting for MikeD 7. mboon - voting for MikeD 8. marksmanjay 9. psykomakia - voting for mewminator 10. Yodell- Turned to stone by The White Witch Sorry, sorry, sorry...I was busy with college all day & timezones are horrible...sorry... from what I see, it looks like Cubie might be bad...but then again, so can Mike... anyways, since Mike has too many votes, I lack inf
  17. EDM

    One Up Me

    The man's face was like limestone...he was very sedimentary & he calcified all in his path...Stupid carbonate-based lifeform...
  18. I kinda meant that for everyone, fabby... & I also meant that since everyone wants smileys (especially ME ), we should just search for the smileys we would most commonly use, then ask rookie if it's possible to add them...that way, everyone wins...
  19. Guys, guys...relax, ok? there are plenty of smileys for everyone... Since this is a forum site, I suggest a provision for forum smileys...small, forum smileys, like on that site...
  20. EDM

    Newbie Mafia

    In case you guys need backups...just throw in my name... I don't do mentor, though...rather, i dunno how to be a mentor & have 0 capability for doing so...
  21. If no one's hosting, I'd like to host a game I've been wanting to try out...
  22. EDM

    One Up Me

    MoMa's Up!!! *but kudos to brainy & cubie, too...
  23. Great riddle... Oh, & Welcome to BD... :D
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