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  1. another potential alternate answer save for the necessity of the one intended to figure the final answer. and think the instruction bit is a little stretched with the above. gotta say not it M M am drawing a blank here myself dD - am guessing the Coates is a musician. I have a niece who goes by Molly Mae and whose last name is Coates. hmm. but not it. clever once again but still no nope drats, sorry. pssst, helloooooo, helloooo, hellooo. are you there? I'm still he-ere...
  2. so either you are sneakier than i remember or i've been at work about 8 too many hours today.... either way works for me now that's a long day/night, nice interpretation but this one is also fits the spelling concern as the others. some really good thoughts above, Dej Mar, but none the same as mine. hey rsn - sorry, not what you'll need for the finale. thanks for visiting, please do come back.
  3. hey t_mo - not it for 8. thanks for your explanation, very cool you got that, thanks umm... nope that's the pear pair. will split credit w/ t_mo. well done.
  4. hey Qesh - not familiar with that first reference - will have to research - so not it. not that... yes indeed, right? (the answer in bold above) but not that one, sorry hey Molly Mae - nope, not it I don't quite know if it fits with the end of the last line um, still not it am afraid. thinking this one may need a little hint as it has gotten so many different responses. gonna give it a bit yet.
  5. plainglazed


    CARTS if 2 then second letter is A and fourth letter is T; not C from COLOR - 0, not R from TIRED - 0, not S from DRAGS - 0
  6. plainglazed


    NESTS if zero, second letter is A and last letter is Y because NASTY - 2 and the only letters different than NESTS are the A and Y.
  7. Hey Dej Mar - funny, a great fit, but there was no intended 9th couplet with an answer similar in theme to the eight. the ninth is meant as a clue to a puzzle involving the eight answers resulting in a "final answer". the long lost friend I can now say refers to MrsP, a cohort here who's riddles often had answers like my theme for the eight couplets. if you care to, check out (my favorite) or any of the other links in the OP to get a better idea of the format of this one. 'fraid not what I'm after for this one yeah, not it but get what you mean.
  8. oh no, another very sharp guess. cant quite justify the second half of the second line (the loss bit) imo. again, great guess. hey hey LJ - not what I have in mind for this one but certainly see where you're coming from. Good thoughts, both.
  9. hey t_mo - that's it! was worried about this one. felt I had to make these couplets a little less definitive or once the theme came out they would be too easy. wasn't sure I had left enough there to get this one. can I ask which you got first? I seem to have missed the add ons at the end. Oops. hey Thalia - right on, well done! not that oh, that's clever but not the answer you'll need in the end. not it, the first one makes a stronger case but think in total there's a better fit.
  10. home again, home again, lickety split

  11. well... hey there Thalia - you and dD are both on track. guess I would say half right hey Wilson - no, we're home again and back to the salt mines for me. all three above are spot on. good stuff. dD - yes indeed, Wilson was onto something and so are you. minor adjustment to your answer in the update below.
  12. A little bit different than the ones from before Still solve these eight, then for grins, one more Gives credit where credit is due you've got So when they're in yours, take your best shot One or the other, determined will tell Clears out with a stick for this it can spell Afterwards ridden with an admission of me Shines bright on its face so superficially From the lands on high as a manner of speaking Passing strong wind, an outburst of shrieking A rock of ages you stand out in a crowd All the more sure when you shout it out loud Authorize to print maybe gets the point across This passage one gains then forthwith a loss Push and shove, tuck and roll, a good turn bears repeating Always obliged am I, this demand is want for completing Known often with the blues, one printed one dyed An instruction of sorts, worn on the outside From a long lost friend I've pirated the lot So now for top marks, this you must spot FWIW/shameless plug - here are some links to similar ones from before:
  13. Had a ball, hope you all enjoyed as well. Be back soon. (adding solved feature)
  14. Can almost feel the scope on the back of my head. hey Wilson - yes but no Oh, really like this one but still have a different word in mind. kinda feel like maybe I saw this already, too. Sorry RB, not my intended. yes indeed, nicely done once again, Dej Mar!
  15. oh man, that's brilliant. much more so than my answer. can I just say yes and go on? guess not. that said, my answer does need a little bit of word play.
  16. not that phoenixx hello rsn, long time no riddle with. good to see you. 'fraid that's not what I'm after for this one. hey Dej Mar - that completes round one and the middle of the second round offerings is also correct (tho the other two are perfectly logical). well done nope -- NON-SPOILER ALERT -- sounds like this one is different and may need a little hint.
  17. hey Dej Mar - nice to see you on this side of the site. six of the nine above match my intended answers. have edited your spoiler above, striking those that differ from mine. for your edification, each of the three sets of three, once answered will each yield another word; then those three should similarly give a final answer. well done.
  18. ready, get set, go fish - sorry phoenixx, not the one. guess it must go on... well hey there sniju and welcome to the Den. Am always honored when a new member's first response is directed at one of my riddles/puzzles. In this case am also a little embarrassed. Your response is perfectly logical and right on track as to the flavor of these and as to my style. Was looking for a different match to these three tho. Well thought out, sorry. hey t_mo - 'fraid none of those.
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