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  1. woot woot! nice one t_l. and lieutenant and the others -
  2. yes and yes. two more down. hey dD - good thoughts all but not them hey t_mo - 'fraid none of the above match my answers
  3. Burroughs must be turning this over in his grave! ahh, thanks phoenixx, but those two arent what I have in mind here. yes indeed, that's a match. have arrived here and it looks like consistent internet's available. will sneak back in often I hope.
  4. is applying sunscreen at the beach *rubbin, rubbin, rubbin it in...*

  5. hey all - sorry for the lack of response. am headed out on vacation, breaking the drive up into two days, and have not gotten internet service at this hotel til just now. MissKitten's answer to the last one is correct above. hopefully be back in a couple of hours.
  6. hey t_l - 'fraid no match hey t_mo - a couple of these are real close and 7. cant really get any closer w/o throwing everyone off the trail. nice work hey EDM - one of those is correct all the others are similar with the three clues in each line being synonymous to (or in a couple of cases definitively associated with) the answer in different ways.
  7. hey MissKitten - wow - of all of the nine lines, thought this one was one of the least likely to have a legit alternative answer. a great fit but not the match. ooh, and those are strictly unfounded rumors. am thinking you're referring to "Cut and let it rip" ? - not the match. still a little worried I really muddled the format...
  8. not a match Not the third one but I suspect you and Framm are looking at this in the same unintended way, my bad. Each of the 9 lines has a one word answer. Each of those answers is a "match" to three components of that line. So after the nine lines are answered, we'll be left with nine words/three sets of three. Each of those three sets of three will have a "match" resulting in three more words. Those three words will then be a "match" to a final answer.
  9. hey t_l - that's not the match I'm looking for for those three.
  10. RoyalBlue - sorry to be so short earlier. guess was late for happy hour. mojobrain - sorry, none of those
  11. Take exit 710 Upper career pace Cut and let it rip Swallow a ladyfinger Contest a lighter pairing Recreate some slack performance Popular blue donkey Soak in a glass of seawater Learn to collect a bunch
  12. And that's a wrap. Always fun from here. Hope so there. Be back soon.
  13. Ahh, look what Wilson found "about each one" and I think phoenixx also with a little different spelling. RoyalBlue and EDM were hot on the trail, too. just didn't quit complete the loop.
  14. plainglazed


    I'm good with Izzy's comment. Allows one to get credit when maybe they can't stick around or are otherwise slow on the draw *typing with one finger* EDIT: as opposed to Glyce @ 105 wpm for example
  15. plainglazed

    yeah, had come to take a shot then read Tralala!'s answer and was sure she had it. Definitely one of those moments. A testament to a well crafted riddle imo. really nice one, mojobrain, thanks!
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