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    SPITE-2 but EPICS-0 so two of STE are right. SLIDE-1 so at most, only one of S and E are correct so T is the fourth letter.
  2. plainglazed

    still at it TA and thanks for the run down EDM - EDIT: fixed spoiler tags
  3. plainglazed


    not many possibilities. need a bigger LEXIS
  4. plainglazed


    Well make sure you count that as a guess. By the way, wenis? what the... anyway, fourth letter is I - folic - (1); not f from fairs (1) which is the s; not o from cools (1) which is the s; and not c because s is the last letter so one of l or i is correct. aegis - (3); not a from abyss (1) which is the last s; and the e and s are already established so one of g or i is correct. the only way to have one of l or i and one of g or i is if the i is correct. cant think of any qualifying possibilities, yet...
  5. plainglazed

    You can do this by going to your Messenger (in the drop down menu under your name in the upper right hand corner) and "compose new". think you have to enter an addressee which I also think can be yourself if you dont want to take a chance on accidently sending it to someone and you might also need a subject. you can then use the preview button to see how the post will look. you can also save it and open it up in your drafts later. There is also a place under My Settings/Edit Settings/My Notes but dont think there is a preview option there.
  6. Hey MissKitten - As the old saying goes, "there's no such thing as a dumb question." Moreover, just being here to have fun and give the ole noggin' a workout precludes one from being stupid, imo.
  7. plainglazed


    dont think the editor will let me express my answer. censorship is the bane of civilized culture!
  8. Nice riddle PG!!! Ummm...wild guess hey you three - nicely interpretted. you all pretty much nailed my intended "story" behind the riddle. And thanks EDM! Probably well off, but the b's just seem to cry out. ps.I'm well into my cups tonight so make allowances. Seems I can't even put one over on you when you've tied one over. Well deduced my friend.
  9. plainglazed

    hey Jkb - good to see you again and with a riddle to boot, woot woot. whatcha studyin that there fancy learnin place anyways?
  10. Forget about being happy Passed the time as usual. Sure could use a stiff drink What's not overly sensual? Maybe I'm just insipid Never finding common ground. Another flower on its way Can't seem to hang around. Though yes it may seem glaring But know that it's not right. For this certain scourge Shan't ever come to light. So glorify and sanctify Still thank him nonetheless. Never pull up from the race When you did it just confess. And if all's consumed by darkness Don't dwell on deficiency. Because in the end you'll find It's all just meant to be.
  11. plainglazed

    Cool, didnt notice the signature change tho. Would say the riddle was not at all too vague. Tricky, yes, but certainly fair. that's why it's a riddle.
  12. plainglazed


    pg - *sneezes* ACHOO Izzy - God Bless You! pg - think onomatopoeia makes just as much sense IMHO instead - FAITH
  13. plainglazed

    Ah, yes, the last line now makes perfect sense Nice One!
  14. plainglazed


    I thought the original host had disallowed proper names. also conditional logic. Definitely agree tho re "the only word left that works" logic is insufficient. fortunately in this case Framm 18 had already guessed the word. come to think of it, is it not a moot point as you can just say what you might think is the last word and get full credit if correct. see how Vineetrika would think you need logical proof to guess the winning word tho as we all did in the very beginning. unreality - you may also want to address some other logic types like last remaining vowel (esp. in cases prior to certain consonant combos), certain consonant combos limitting possibilities, the QU thingie but cant think of how you might know the Q and not the U, or...not... and welcome Vineetrika - goes without saying I hope, but would not want to discourage anyone in any way at all from joining in here or anywhere else. the more the merrier. maybe just my insecurity but just wanted to say.
  15. plainglazed

    EDIT: fixed spelling cuz am wired like that...
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    EDIT: fixed tags
  17. plainglazed

    EDIT: left out a floor
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