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  1. How do I make Polar Bear?

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    2. Anon26


      Or put a bear in your freezer

    3. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      It's cool. I got it.

      Cold + Bear

      Tundra + Bear

      I just had to get to Bear.

    4. Auramyna


      Q: How do I make a Polar Bear?

      A: Tell him to just put up with it.

  2. Think shanice tried to call that number? =P

  3. Happy birthday, buddy.

  4. See you on MM! I'm Yuli. =P

  5. It's like Round 1 of Survivor all over again. =P

    1. plainglazed


      depending on what's being poured, you can vote me off at about Round 8.

  6. Rap, rap, rap, they call him the rapper.

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    2. Guest


      you are crazy u know that and i like u too

    3. Guest



    4. Auramyna


      ANY boys? Well, I AM impressed! I don't think you're a slu* at all. *shakes head definitively*

  7. Oh, why thank you!

    I knew I shouldn't have taken a break from the Den. =p

  8. Hey! Where've you been?

  9. I like all of my friends!

    1. Guest


      i like all of my friends too.

    2. Auramyna


      At one point I may have liked my friends but now I prefer monogamy. :shrug:

      But you two go do your thing. I may drop in and watch, depends what's on TV. (@Yuli - make sure HiddenG stays hidden or you might lose her.)

  10. Just got back from Dragon*Con!

  11. Ask me about my day!

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    2. Auramyna


      YO-hohoho YO-hohoho, BWAHAHAHAHAHA, *snort* *sniffle* BAhahahaha, BAHAhahaha, *lengthy coughing fit* *few deep breaths*

    3. Auramyna


      And at the end, an "Aaaaaaaaaah" like a sliding tone going down about 1/3 - 1/2 an octave.

    4. Molly Mae
  12. went to the beach (and other activities).

    1. Guest


      could ve took me with

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