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  1. I did an edit Tiger_LiL..

    Trolley Car

    I saw & edited my reply. (So many things lost in cross-writing!)

    This one is not quite the true answer,

    your first one was closer

  2. Everyone laughs and children play as though they're all on holiday.

    Grab hold slowly, and don't let go! With a lurch and a screech, we're off!

    Up and down the streets we travel, following the turning lines.

    Ding! and slow, Ding! let go, shriek and


    Grab on anew until the end, then turn around and go again!

  3. Can you determine the titles? A Bonus "Woot!" if you can also get what they all have in common!

    1. Crack Aurora

    2. Final Talking-To

    3. Notions of a Procreator

    4. Chronicles of a Milksop Baby Goat

    5. Sphere's Posts

    6. Cavorting for Famous Chicago or New York Styles

    7. K/M Sublime Fusion Reactors

    8. Undisclosed Continuance of Antiquated Community Gatherings

    9. Tryout

    10. That Which Can Be Forecast While You Wait

    11. Reminiscence Supervisor's Lass

    12. Enter the Untouched

    13. Sweltering Planar Horde

    14. Personal Nun's Attendant

    15. Expired Up To Opacity

    (NOTE: a few liberties have been taken with verb tenses)

  4. OK t_l111, enjoy your weekend away from your machine.

    Thanks to all...

    Oh I will! & Thanks to everyone who took care of the last bits while I've been torturing myself writing up project reports ... Ditto deannaart & Typical!

    Thanks for the fun PG! See y'all next week!

  5. [spoiler=Love my reasoning here ^_^ ]

    Chocolate cake & ice cream!

    Come to me and I may help,

    You feel good about yourself. It makes everything seem better!

    How you ask, I cannot say. But I can ... it's called theobromine.

    Cut and pull, but feel no pain. Make a delicious slice and put it on the plate.

    Rolling, notching, then you die. That ice cream won't scoop (roll) itself! Stick a fork into it (notches), put it on your tongue, & experience heaven.

    I've been known to make you cry. Fabulous cake can do that!

  6. 'Cause in -> causing?

    I had been speculating "store" (armory used for nat'l guard storage) since there is a clothing line ... but doesn't seem like something our PG would do (since it's not the name of the designer). Still stuck.

  7. :duh: Was trying them in combination instead of separately. So yea!


    Easter - lily

    Eli - Lilly (pharmaceutical co)

    Palm Lily? Some of them are kinda funny looking.

    & that's the last of my brainpower for 2:30 AM. Maybe after sleep ...

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