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  1. You get a sense of me, little too late

    But that’s just my nature, mean twist of fate

    I will haunt till the end, might break you down

    Bottom of a bottle, to sink and drown

    "should have done"'s

  2. I did a good bit of googling in my "spare time" today & couldn't find a direct connection between Easter & Eli,

    that all the words will start with E?

    Endure/enduring/endures or similar.

    Then carve may indicate removal of letters?

    :offtopic: @ chicory & others playing ... I hope we manage to solve this by early Saturday morning or I'm going to be frustrated this weekend (away from computer) ... we can do it!

  3. You have no idea how irritated I was to look in my periodic table & find the 5th element is not Lithium (Li) !!! Maybe the thinking is off on my namesake?

    5th element - soul/heart/spirit, Boron (B)

    measure of alcohol

    chord/scale/other music related




    pinky finger/toe

    day of creation - animals of land, air, sea

    month of May

  4. You see me out there waiting

    I’m staring you right in the face

    I am rarely deviating

    From start to finish in this race

    I ravage many who are weak

    For others I’m a chance to rise

    I’m pressing closer as we speak

    My appearance is no surprise

    the finish line, or time

    or REAL LIFE for me at the moment :P

  5. Could be the perfect storm

    But no, not either or.

    -- perfect storm: concurrence of factors resulting in disastrous situation

    -- not either or: neither concurrence nor disaster -> separate (expected?) event

    And for not telling the truth

    I've plead the fifth before.

    -- not truth: lies

    -- plead 5th: protect self, prevent perjury

    'Cause in your local armory

    You might swap me in kind,

    -- local armory: arms/weapons storage

    -- swap in kind: trade in for similar value, swapmeet, trade show?

    For this life line's no aid;

    Is another way to find.

    -- life line's no help: phone-a-friend, palm reading

    -- another way to find: search, faith, palm pilot?

    A forceful piece that's constant

    Carved a slice of special cake.

    -- constant force: gravitational?

    -- forceful piece: continuous/enduring music

    -- special cake: wedding, retirement, birthday, funeral -> celebration

  6. 1. We were excited to win, staying undefeated is just the icing.

    -- Steve Nash

    2. You know, ... I'm pretty sure I'm going to be an Arizona Cardinal.

    -- Kurt Warner

    3. I figure the faster I pedal, the faster I can retire.

    -- Lance Armstrong

    Working on connection ...

    all famous athletes, which seems a bit too obvious

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