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  1. X = ex, former, previous?

    R ahead of S ... which could lead to RSN (arson), so I guess probably not ... well crap.

    But previous/before *could* still be good.

  2. X - cross, T? (or just an X)

    in - N

    back, behind, butt, end

    for, fore/afore, before

    example - ex/X, ie/I (eye/aye?), eg-egg -> something else?

    As per normal I can't see the whole, merely ideas of the parts.

  3. The answer to the 1st one

    an acre

    Add that to


    Mix, and you get


    I didn't see an answer to the 1st part yet & figured a few might still be wondering.

  4. Exist, exist one single lodge.

    Safe but not out after first dodge.

    Period B.F. no k

    Ok, I'm trying to go out on a limb since it seems I'm just not thinking right on word 2. Here are my musings, but I can't really say that I have anything resembling an answer.

    Safe - sure, positive, +/t/T

    secure, tie up, knots/Q

    stable, stationAry/A

    But - butt, rear end, Z?

    butt up to, abut, next to?

    Not - Knot/Q?, except I can't figure out a U from "out"

    Not Out - In/N

    Not Out - safe (as in baseball) - something else for "safe"?

    After - O (comes after N?)

    First - 1/I or A

    or After First? - B?

    or what letter is after the first letter in this word?

    Dodge - ball, round/O

    avoid, go around, S

    Maybe it'll help someone else. Hopefully won't just make everyone confused!

  5. Excellent, now we're getting somewhere! Yes, definitely for the first two, B & A; cant tell if the third is a capital I or lower case L?

    I was thinking the Lower case option.

  6. Exist, exist one single lodge.

    Safe but not out after first dodge.

    (Show your work for full credit)

    Well, this is all I can guess at so far

    Exist - Be/B

    One - A

    Single - 1/l?

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