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I'm a lazy foodie. I love to read. I used to work with nuts in the land of fruits and nuts, but I got crazy and went to grad school (again) - in a different state. Now I work towards making your tasty starchy foods less bad (and maybe even better) for you. (Hey, starch is cool. Trust me, I'll be a doctor.) I hate dusting. I tend to smile a lot. I cheer for the Purdue Boilermakers, Indianapolis Colts, NASCAR's Ryan Newman, and whoever is playing against the Yankee's or any team from L.A. There's a lot of music I'll listen to, but most of the time I'm not paying attention. I am a cat person, but I like dogs too. I now only have a baby lemon tree, which makes my entire extended family very sad. (No more Christmas lemons for a while.) I am not a morning person. Aged fermented molasses containing drinks are my vice-beverages of choice, but I also appreciate a good fermented potato, aged blue agave, or well done grape - and I admit to slight snobbery for all of them. I have beaten the "World's Largest Drum". My sense of humor is a little whacked, but it works for me.

Tigers are my favorite cats (big cats & house cats), flowers in the lily family tend to be my favorites, & eleventy-one is my favorite number. Yes, the name is long. Feel free to call me TL or something similar. I don't mind. :)

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