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*Mumbles something about Rainthinker being a guy*


iz no th4t. itz w4z juzt th3 st0ry lin3. sorry... I am trying to learn the modern language of n00bish...

anyways, Night ends in an hour and a half. get those PM's in remaining peeps... sorry, people.

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Ok, so since everything got sort of inactive, I say that me(a goodie), and the baddies win. IF the baddie secret duo member n, he/she can win as Secret duo. Ok, so is that good? If it is, I'm gonna reveal my role.

Sounds good. If you reveal your role and it is a saving role of some sort, then I am fine with it being a draw between the baddies, SD, and you. If your role is something where you would've been dead when Mekal made the post, then I can't accept it and the Baddies will win.

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Well...I DID receive a message from Mekal via AIM saying congratulations for winning:

The Merkal (5:53:30 PM): Congrats on winning CSM3!

So I think that should clear that up. And I am on the side of the baddies so...That's that. Why it is Mekal has yet to post a final post or come in and clear it up is beyond me... :huh:

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Well...I DID receive a message from Mekal via AIM saying congratulations for winning:

So I think that should clear that up. And I am on the side of the baddies so...That's that. Why it is Mekal has yet to post a final post or come in and clear it up is beyond me... :huh:


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Congrats you all! I am looking forward to seeing the roster since I forgot who was who and threw my spread sheet in the trash.

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I agree that winning when you are a baddie feels great!

If you didnt know, I was "julie" or registrar. So I knew the whole time GM was a baddie cuz I spied him first.

Too bad I couldnt convince more ppl. And I got killed anyways....

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2 things:

1: I'm fairly certain the Secret Duo is its own (Independent) faction.

2: Let's not clutter up this thread before Mekal can come post the final results. I would hate to get the thread locked before he can post the ending, and, y'know, actually tell us if the end we think happened is true.

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Night 6: Many will enter, but few will win…

He entered the dimly lit hallway as soon as the footsteps died away. Walking up to his target room, Abhisk, The Mission Handler, knelt down to pick lock the door to GMaster479’s room. He inserted the automated key card and watched as it ran every code possible. In about 2 minutes, the little device that stuck out from the card holder flashed a green light, signifying that the lock had been picked and it was ready for removal. He pulled it out and slowly turned the knob. Abhisk held his breath and opened the door, his gun pointed up and ready to fire. He took a step in and turned on the flashlight in his hands. He walked up the small bottle neck hallway that connected each room to the halls, and approached the bed. Seeing the lump of a body, he shot it.

Feathers went flying, covering the room in little clumps of snow. Wondering what had happened, he pulled back the covers to discover that GMaster479 was elsewhere. He had been to late to stop the killing…

Half an hour ago…

GMaster479, the Techie and the last remain Secret duo member, lifted the covers and put in the different sized pillows. Making sure it was in the order to look like a body, he got the key that he had stolen from his partner Underground_dan and snuck out into the hallway. Walking 3 rooms down, he unlocked the door and snuck in. Underground_dan was up and looking for his stuff.

“oh hey, how is it going” asked the prisoner. GMaster479 responded and reached for his gun, only to discover that it wasn’t there. He had forgotten it in his room. Oh well, he thought, I know his weaknesses, I might as well just go ahead and kill him now. He walked over to the traitor and slipped behind him. Sneaking up on him, he approached and snapped the frail neck of Underground_dan…


Gmaster479 paced the meeting place where he would meet up with Marth, The intimidator. He walked to the end of the hall and turned around, finally seeing Prince_Marth85. Walking over to him, he could see the worry lines on his face.

“whats wrong?” GMaster479 asked sincerely, even though he knew the answer.

“I just walked into UD’s room, and he was on the floor bleeding from a broken neck! Listen, they are on to us. We need to get this kill over with!” Marth explained quickly. He turned around and started heading towards the elevator. Before he could get to far, GMaster479 remembered something, he had left his gun in his room.

“wait, I left something in my room!” GM yelled. He turned and ran down the hallway towards his cabin. Prince_marth85 turned and started walking towards the room also, anxious to get the kill done as soon as possible. All he wanted was to get away from America so he could start over again, but no, he had to do it GM’s way, Sneaking around every night trying to kill the people that could be a problem. As he approached where Gmaster479 entered his room he heard a loud bang….

Abhisk started to turn out the door when he heard a voice yelling down the hall. After hearing a couple more words from the same person, he was pretty sure that it was his target that night. Dashing from in the middle of the room into the bathroom, he waited until he heard footsteps come closer. Soon the footsteps stopped and the door squeaked open, a light filling the room. Abhisk silently walked out into the room and verified that his target was there. Seeing the back of GMaster479’s head, he coked his gun, held his breath, and pulled the trigger. GMaster479 fell onto the bed and red blood started to pool and stain the white bed sheet.

Abhisk turned and left the room, running straight into Prince_marth.

Prince marth watched as the door opened. Cocking his gun, he waited for, hopefully, GMaster479 to reveal himself. But, when the door opened, another man walked out. It was twisted irony, that the prisoners target would kill one of them. Holding his gun steady, he shot the iron slug into Abhisk’s chest.

5 hours later…

As the day approached, PM stood on the bridge where he had killed the captain and commandeered the cruise ship. His new destination… Jamaica.

Final Roster:

Great job Prince_marth as the only standing player!

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