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is a fun little Role-playing game called "Lost Chronicles". It's like Mafia in a way, but also different. The point is to be the last one remaining through, alliances, betrayal, fighting, and strategy. There are six "jobs" to play as each with their own abilities and powers. Every other day there is an arena match, and everyday someone has to die. The arena days make sure someone dies. Then during the normal and arena days someone can try to kill someone else. They will PM me this. During Arena matches you will post on here what you’re doing like in story format... playing out your battle. Characters will have one hit kill abilities, but can only use them once in the game making it so that if you use it too early... you’re a goner. You can also make an alliance with other players till you guys are the only ones left. Alliances can be broken and are kept secret from others. These are one of the only times you can PM others. Also people with alliances are allowed to help each other outside of the arena. Matches are chosen randomly out of a hat by the way. It would actually be easier to play the game and tell you the rules and examples as we go now.

I can have 15 people playing

1. Kat (reserved :P )

2.Riranor ( I will participate to help others not to kill anyone)















Your Job... decides what powers and abilities you have. Your Job is not a secret to everyone in this. IN fact I will be telling everybody on the list so you can’t try to lie about it.

Warrior: An all around fighter that can do basically everything physical orientated.

Ability: Can fight with any basic technique and easy to cause the killing blow without special techniques.

Power1: Can use anything (that is possible like a chair or something) as a melee weapon (anytime)

power2: Can use anything as a range weapon (throwing... unless it’s a bow... then you need arrows which are supplied) (anytime)

power3: Can block ANY attack (5 times once a day)

Magician: A spell caster that can use breathtaking techniques

Ability: Uses a spear if no other this is possible and can use magic

power1: fire magic in any form (5 times a day)

power2: Ice magic in any form (5 times a day)

power3: Lightning magic in any form (5 times a day)

Priest: A healer of great power

Ability: can fight with a mace without powers


power2: Can avoid a situation that seems bad with a simple divine spell (3 times on self and 3 times to help others in one battle)

power3: Can cause an automatic death with an obliterating flash (ONCE IN WHOLE GAME UNLESS REVIVED)

Thief: A nimble fighter that uses his agility with his stealth to win

Ability: Can perform flips and other acrobatic maneuvers in battle

power1: Can kill someone automatically without them even knowing someone was following him (ONCE IN WHOLE GAME UNLESS REVIVED)

power2: Can hide and strike in battle (3 times a battle)

power3: Can steal spy on others finding out who one alliance is (ONCE... a day)

Ninja: Uses Stealth and minor magic to finish their enemies

Ability: Uses shuriken, Kunai, and Katana with the ability to walk on walls and fight

power1: Makes 3 clones if guess wrong one very dangerous (but not deadly) attack is dealt to someone temporarily crippling them (once every other battle)

power2: Flare is sent into air from a scroll used to call for help (not used if in arena) from people you have alliances with. (Once a battle)

power3: This technique allows you to betray an Alliance and get them killed and your place (ONCE IN WHOLE GAME UNLESS REVIVED)

Avenger: Has pride and justice on his side with his strength in battle

Ability: Uses Large swords with powerful techniques

power1: His []smite power allows him to kill someone automatically (ONCE IN WHOLE GAME UNLESS REVIVED)

power2: Creates a clone that takes the hit for him (once a battle)

power3: Can heal a single wound (3 times a battle)

There i just want you to post your character in this format







I hope you like :D

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Not waiting for a reply, Triyx sprinted towards the edge of the forest, and seconds before she hit an oak tree, she leapt up smoothly and dissapeared, never to be seen again.

Aw, you aren't gonna use Triyx again? :(


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Yep :3 I've grown attached to her...but you said Triyx was disappearing, never to be seen again :o What does that tell me? :rolleyes:


that tells you that maybe she's disguising herself :lol: Or...is dead, but I don't want to kill her off :P

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Xavier fell to the ground, powerless as the dark powers faded away from his body. His steely green eyes hardened as he dusted off his dirty black robes and stood up. Clenching his fist, Xavier looked up at the sky and whispered, "Next time, I won't need the power of some crazy old fool like that Riranor. I'll be my own source of dark energy, and then I'll begin to..."

His voice trailed off as he used the last of his power to disappear in a blinding flash of light and a few wisps of smoke. Nothing remained of him except for a single piece of parchment, with the words "Game Over" inscribed on them in a pale blue ink.

And so ends the short-lived tale of Xavier, a young, power-hungry magician who sought to have an iron fist over the world.

Or so it seems.

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Oooh! I'm totally in for LC II! (going to change my character though)

I won't be Loki though... (or will I?)

Rir, I've got some ideas for it if you want to see them ;)

(to end it, I think my evil cackle will do)

*evil cackle*


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Oooh! I'm totally in for LC II! (going to change my character though)

I won't be Loki though... (or will I?)

Rir, I've got some ideas for it if you want to see them ;)

(to end it, I think my evil cackle will do)

*evil cackle*


yeah - please tell!!

Sorry about the non posting/playing - once i died, i felt out of it, felt out of the game.

As far as anyone knows, jen dissapered a long while before. I need to change her - she wasn't a favorite of mine.

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