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I was trying to figure out who the QA was by who started the "QA who went after TwoaDay must be a noob" thing because I didn't think it was likely any of us would, but Y-san was the first to mention it and I couldn't tell! I guess I wasn't looking that hard tho, bummer! better luck next time

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Haha, thanks for avenging me, guys ;P! I knew Mekal was the last QA as soon as he immediately went after Tocenol on the day vote...(I think he had pretty much given up at that point)

And I had Dawh pegged as the Shaman due to his response to my comment about the Shaman...hehe :P

And CP, did you notice my very subtle "Choose wisely, Penguin ;)"

And CL, actually, since Dawh and I both had you pegged, you would have been lynched the next day...(or Ninja-ed the next night) had I survived.

And yeah, I totally knew the QA would come after me (hence my subtle hints to the "capable Healer" ;P)...it was the best strategy for getting rid of the GR if he/she didn't know who the GR was...kill the Ninja (if the Defender's dead)...and I didn't think anyone was *that* much of a noob so I figured he/she was pretending, which is one of the reasons why I initially thought I-san was a QA...plus why break the pattern? Oh well, at least now I can say I was a QA target every night...XP

And Slick, *sniff* and here I thought we were friends...you left me in my time of need...T_T...hehe, jk, like I said, it was already in the bag for the Innocents.

And last but not least, Frost, great job as Host God!

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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Wait I will change my vote cuz Mekal is lying. I just woke up. I vote for Mekal.

Edit WTF it's over already. Well that sucks I should have stayed up 24/7.

I'm alive!

and so is NO five- johnny five - no wonder you lost your girl
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