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The first three sets worked from the first word - think, set and bill.

In this set, the second words share a characteristic.

There may be more than one word that satisfies the clues,

but only the word with the desired characteristic will be accepted.

I've stepped up the general clue difficulty, as well.

Have fun!

[1] bug LISTEN mind - by Nikyma

[2] lead GUIDE point - by Duh Puck

[3] club STEAK knife - by Nikyma

[4] fathom KNOW ken - by giterdone

[5] wraith GHOST specter by Itachi-san, Duh Puck

[6] nation PROPLE folk - by Nikyma

[7] cabbage DOUGH moolah - by Nikyma

[8] suspect DOUBT fear - by Nikyma

[9] miserly TIGHT close - by Nikyma

[10] arraign INDICT charge - by Nikyma

[11] corridor AISLE nave - by AlmytKth

[12] solution ANSWER rejoin - by Nikyma

[13] advantage EDGE fringe - by Nikyma

[14] newspaper COLUMN pillar - by AlmytKth

[15] acknowledgment RECEIPT chit - by Nikyma

Great job all .. !

... silent letters

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Itachi-san and Duh Puck have [5] GHOST

Duh Puck has [2] GUIDE

I will enter the solutions into the OP as they're found.

Also the previously guessed words.

To keep focus on the others.

It's not a "g" thing... B))

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I looked it up. Another definition for bug is a mental impairment. :P

Wow ... I use onelook.com - the closest to your meaning it has is

noun: a fault or defect in a system or machine.

OK, points for that, but ... still doesn't have the mystery requirement. ;)

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