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American Indian Artwork




An archaeological artifact is depicting figures of some natural and artificial objects like the sun, moon, comet, star, flower, horse, bird , insect, headdress, mountains, river, house, weapons, bonfire and necklace. The translation of the symbol message below is "WIND, RAIN, FLAME, SOIL, ESSENCE". According to experts, there are 5 polyomino tiles that were used as patterns for making the outline of the figures in this artwork. They also believed that these 5 tiles altogether should fill and fit in any of the 16 figures depicted above.

What are these polyominoes?

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On 12/11/2019 at 10:35 AM, flamebirde said:

out of curiosity: was there any significance to the translations of the symbols, or was that just a red herring?

It would be easier to solve if anyone suspected that all figures (not only the 16 objects ) have 16 squares  within and may also  be formed from the 5 polyominoes.. the 'snake' on boarder would rule out a 2x2 or T polyomino..and some symbol like the 'bullhead" with halfside lenght indicate a cut or group assembly.. 


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