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Adapting a classic crossing puzzle


5 college students need to cross a river in a small boat.  Two of these students are on the rowing team and can cross it in one minute if either one or both are rowing.  The other three are not and will take four minutes to cross even if they are with the rowing team members.  The boat can only hold up to three people at a time.  What is the shortest amount of time it will take to cross the river?

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Ok , NOW  I got it ,


8 mins  is the fastest
lets consider fast rower as r  , and slower as s ,    and   | |   be the bridge 
sssrr  |  |                                     0 min
 sss     |  |    rr                             1 min
 sssr   |  |   r                                2 min
       r    |  |    sssr                        6 min
      rr   |  |   sss                           7 min 
            |  |   sssrr                        8 min


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